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Delightful open teen/Adult class


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The "terrible open teen/adult" topic in the Adult Dancers board prompted me to post this great experience my DD had last Sunday.

She and her friend (13yrs) dropped in on an adult class that was inspiring. The students were of all shapes and sizes, both sexes, and the age went up to 60 years old I would say! One of them (30ish?) really looked like a pro yet she was a pediatrician. :rolleyes: The students were all united by their love of ballet and they were serious yet joyous. There were no other teens that showed up yet this wonderful teacher was so welcoming. I observed that the teacher and the other students accepted and encouraged the girls as if they had been part of the community all along. My daughter was so impressed with the whole experience and I thank these adults for being such wonderful role models! :wink:

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Odette and any one else in the Boston area,

There are tons of classes at www.dancecomplex.org --7days/week :wink:

This was Sunday 1-2:30 ballet/2:30-3 pointe

Central Square, Cambridge :rolleyes:

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Well, it's good to know that someone's having a good experience (in a proper teen/adult class, of course)! :rolleyes:

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Dear disarmedfae,

My DD's studio has several classes of mixed ages at a higher level that you would be welcomed to attend. There are many adult regulars and I believe an occasional visitor from Vassar. If you are interested you can ask Major Mel to tell you the name of the school (I don't think you can PM me yet to ask). Due to the storm today classes are cancelled, otherwise tonight would be one of the classes.

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Whee, thanks, JRB-- that's wonderful to hear. However, if they are high-level classes, I'm definitely not ready for them, as I'm still at a very basic level-- but maybe I can look into it in the coming years, when I have some more experience! (Thank goodness I have a car at school...)


If Major Johnson could tell me the name of the school, I would love to know it. :)


**edit: Moderators, sorry about my "knock-knock" postings here, as I'm obviously not a parent-- the thread just corresponded with my topic on the Adult Buddy Board...I won't be making this a habit!**

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Hi Disarmedfae,


The Wednesday night class may be somthing you'd like and feel comfortable in. I'm sure Major Mel will let you know what school it is when he has a chance if he hasn't already told you. If the snow and ice ever stop maybe we can actually have classes start again. They have been hit or miss since last week. My DD is going crazy without classes, esp. with auditions for summer intensives. Maybe we'll meet sometime. I hope you understand why I don't want to tell you online what school it is. :wink:

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Dear disarmedfae,


The school to which JRB has reference is the Saugerties Ballet Center. It's a bit of a trip from Vassar, but produces good dancers. I don't know anymore about classes IN Poughkeepsie proper, nor in Kingston. There IS the New Paltz School of Ballet within easy striking distance, and also the Ballet Arts School in Beacon. Both of these schools give good-quality training.

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Thank you, JRB, for your help; I understand about the school name thing, but as we can see here, Major Mel has come through; and maybe we will meet someday! :wink:


And thanks to you, Mr. Johnson, for the list of schools-- I may check out all 3 of the schools, but my schedule is pretty grueling. :shrug: Now...if I just could quit the fencing team, maybe I would have time... *sigh* Anyhow, it's back to the Adult forum with me. Thanks again! :blushing:

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