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I was wondering if anyone knew of any summer ballet camps in New York, around Cornwall? Thanks.

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I am sure Major Johnson will be able to give you very constructive suggestions since he is up in that area. You may want to say a little more background about what your interests are in a "ballet camp". How many years of ballet have you had, how many days a week do you study ballet or how long you have been on pointe!

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And when you say "ballet camp", what did you have in mind? Just summer classes? Summer classes and additional activities? Summer Classes, additional activities, and sleepaway? Summer classes, additional activities, sleepaway on Bannerman's Island? What? :huh:

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luv2dance, I think the questions are to determine whether you are looking for a "camp", or a Summer Intensive Program. If you are at a solid Intermediate level or above, and in an "on track" program for a professional career, what you want is a Summer Intensive Program. Camps are really more about fun, Intensives are about Ballet! I think that you might want to look at the SI forum, as well as Dance Magazine and/or Pointe Magazine and find out where the all the major programs are and where they are holding auditions. I seriously doubt that you will find a major SI program in the area you are looking for. You may be able to take classes around there, but not sure that there will be what we would consider a Summer Intensive.

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Guest DerfDude04

Natasha Bar is an amazing teacher and she teaches classes at The Dance Design School. I am sure there are others as well, but she is one I know in the area.

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Yes, Natasha does teach in Cornwall, and is indeed an amazing teacher. She is the glamourous mother of the lovely Ellen Bar of NYCB. Trouble is that in the summer, she generally spends more time teaching at the Rock School. Aggie Kimple, the new owner of DDS, is also a very good teacher, and that studio, like all the others I can think of in this area, will be offering classes in the summer, but I don't think that it would be considered an intensive or even a camp, just good substantial local summer classes. I'll ask them what their summer plans will be when next I see them.

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Guest Chedva

(not a teen; please delete if inappropriate) I don't know if this is around Cornwall, but Long Lake Camp for the Arts in Long Lake NY, has a dance program with ballet. It is not at all an intensive, but a camp dedicated to performing and fine arts. They put on 4 musicals and several straight plays per session. They also give voice and instrumental music lessons, and have choirs, bands, and an orchestra; they even have a circus! While there is a lake for swimming, sports aren't a big thing (no teams, for example). My dd has had a wonderful time there for the past few years.

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To give a geographical perspective - Long Lake is in the middle of the Adirondack Mountains. Cornwall is only about 60 miles north of NYC, not even as far north as the Catskills. And Bannerman's Island was a bit of a joke, it being crowned with a ruin of a "Scottish Castle". Building a ballet studio there might be atmospheric, but it would be the only studio in the world with a "Watch Out For Falling Rocks" sign. :)

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Guest dancer522

I'm not sure if I should have started a new thread for this - and I wasn't sure if it was allowed to do that in the Summer Intensives forum... I was wondering if anybody knows anything about the quality of the summer intensive at Jose Mateo's Ballet Theatre (in Cambridge, MA). I really want to dance professionally when I'm older (I'm 13 now.), but my mom decided that she suddenly won't let me take a summer intensive where I'll have to live somewhere else for a month. So, if I don't go to Boston Ballet's (but I hear that you have a better chance of getting accepted if you dance there :D ), then I will probably be going to Jose Mateo's. I've heard that it was as good as Boston, just not bery well-known, but I was a little skeptical because they let most people into it. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this program, and if anyone thinks that I would improve less there than at a more well-known program. Thanks in advance!

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Mr. Mateo's classes are well-thought-of, and are probably a good close to home option for you. But don't give up hope on Boston, yet!

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