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Books: On Pointe

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I discovered this book on Amazon. It has been released in September 2004. Has anybody read it? Is it similar to the Janice Barringer Pointe book?

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My daughter read this book. I am not familiar with the other book you reference. On Pointe is a fictional story of a young girl trying to earn a spot with the "City Ballet". My 12 year old daughter enjoyed it very much.

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Thanks for that. It actually came up when I was searching for Barringers pointe book on Amazon and I thought it would be a similar book on pointe technique. Good to know that it is fiction :blink:

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I read it and it was pretty good. Yes, it is fiction and it's written in sort of a poetic format. It's about a girl who is trying to get into a ballet company and sort of expresses the struggles/difficulty of having a ballet profession along with how much someone can love something. It's mirrored off of the author's life.

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I got it for my 11 y.o. for a Christmas gift...but read it first. The jacket says it's recommended for 8 - 12 year olds, but I really don't think an 8 would hang with it. It is a novel in free verse; the main character's crisis is that she doesn't get chosen for the "company", and then there are family crises as well.


I liked it for the older "tweens" and teenagers because it's good for them to see that books can be written in a variety of forms, as well as how one (fictional) character handles her change in plans/identity of herself. There's also a good subplot regarding her mother and her involvement (overinvolvement??) with her dd's dance "career".


All in all an interesting book, especially in the free verse style.



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I love that book!!!!! I read it a while ago, now my sister is reading it. I love it, even though it's sad... I like the part where they first put on their pointe shoes, it has it all on the back!

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Guest Adrienne

Oh, I'd read about that book somewhere (I think in an article about verse novels for YAs), but I couldn't remember the title or the author. Thanks for bringing it up; I'll have to track it down.

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I still did not order it as I have a pile of new dance literature in front of me that I have to read but I would be glad to hear if you enjoy that book.

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Who is the author?

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Merci, Minty!

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I actually saw the book somewhere and was debating whether or not to read it. I think i will now! :ermm:

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