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Has anybody read the second edition of the pointe book? I would like to know if there has been much updated/ chapters added, etc. Or is it pretty much the same as the first edition? :blink:

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I would say it's well over half brand new stuff. Some of the new stuff is nice, but extra (all new interviews with different dancers about their shoes--though I miss the Darci Kistler story) but they've done a brand new consideration of all the brands of shoes; there's also an insanely cross referenced list of different types of shoes (tapered, three-quarter shank, elastic draw string, easy break in, etc, etc, etc).


I have a copy so if you have any specific questions I'll be glad to check. Bottom line, I bought it and glad I did.

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I guess I better buy it then. Actually, I wanted to know if there is a section about pointe work and contemporary dance.


Some 2nd editions are rather identical to the first version... I just wanted to double check before I order it online. Thanks for your help

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.. a section about pointe work and contemporary dance ..
an interesting suggestion, dance_scholar. i've never seen an article on this!



Well, that is my research about. :wacko::angry:

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:angry: I had my "own dancers" for my research and worked with them over a period of 12 weeks in a dance laboratory :wacko: PM if you want to get some more info
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I reread this book the other day. It has been years since I have done so, prior to my finding Ballet Talk.


Low and behold Ms. Schneider is in the book in the chapter regarding Pointe Training in Russia. :grinning:

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