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Thanks, 34ballet. FAFSA was done in January, so we are all set there. Can you tell me how long you waited from application "complete" status until a decision?


Also, regarding housing, the website says you have to wait until accepted to pay the $150 deposit, and then there is another deposit due during housing selection but it doesn't mention how long you have to pay that one - do you happen to know?


My daughter is going to try to call admissions after school today - we'll see what she can find out.

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When she calls, perhaps be on the phone (extension) with her. Have her do most of the talking, but let them know you are there also. If need be, pipe up with questions or concerns your DD may not think to ask as the conversation develops.

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Well, we called admissions. Here is an update in case it can help anyone else in the future.


As suspected, the application does not move until it is marked "complete". So the fact that she applied in October is meaningless; the file was not marked complete until the day they graciously accepted unofficial transcripts via email, and her clock started then. The lovely person we spoke with in admissions said it is typically a 4-6 week turnaround for a decision from the time the file is marked complete. (Note that when we visited the school, the admissions rep indicated a 3-4 week turnaround if you apply early, and the website says 6-8 weeks. So presumably 4-6 weeks is the turnaround they are experiencing at this time.)


With respect to the housing application deadline of March 1st, the person we spoke with recommended my daughter call back on the day before the deadline to see if her file has an early decision, but she said not to count on that as it will only have been 3 weeks. She also suggested calling back once a week thereafter to check on her status--if a decision has been made, they will provide the information over the phone. We are on the East coast, and with the school on the West, it would likely take 4-5 days for a snail mail letter to reach us. If accepted and interested, my daughter should complete the housing application ASAP. She will not be guaranteed housing if she applies after March 1st, but since she is out of state the admissions person said they do make every effort to accommodate out of state students before local students. She should know that she could be placed in temporary housing (we did not get into what this means and will cross that bridge if we come to it).


With respect to financial aid and scholarships, we were told this information would be included in an acceptance letter. This is contradictory to what we have heard before, but perhaps given the late date and our early submission of FAFSA, they will be in a position to tell us the whole deal at once.

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I had 2 sons attend the U of A and am familiar with the dorms. They do make every effort to accommodate students especially freshman with a dorm room. You sometimes have to go into temporary housing and then within the first week get placed; there are students who never arrive!!

Availability of housing on campus fluctuates each year but there are several private "apartment" style options that run like a dorm in terms of payment that are just off the campus. And no matter where you do stay on campus or just off, there is a lot of walking (or bike riding) as the campus is huge!!

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Because I am ornery, lovemydancers, I would make an appointment with the high school principal and make sure he is aware of how much time and opportunity your DD has lost as a result of the unconscionable delay she's experienced in trying to get her official transcripts to U of A, having started the process in October. hrrrumph!!


Best wishes for her housing and results!!

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Believe me, I'm with you. I did have to involve the principal and others in the guidance department last year when my daughter's schedule was still not fixed more than a month into the school year despite our repeated requests. I can't imagine other parents are not complaining about this person too!


To be honest, I was hoping to find out what the true damage is, if any (which we may never be able to quantify with respect to scholarship money lost), before I raise it again. And I hate to say it, but I'm worried about what other issues we might run into. Mid-year grade reports may be the next hurdle with this guidance counselor. :wallbash: My daughter has asked me not to say anything because she has to deal with this person for three more months.

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I would explain to my DD that there ARE still times when it becomes necessary for the parent to step in as an advocate for the student when the student and her best interest are being ignored. At this point, your DD has done all she can and has conducted herself well. The high school personnel are falling down on their duties and it is time they answer to the parent.

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I received a call from the school a over a week ago and it was Melissa telling me I was accepted! (yay!!) Is calling normal? She said a formal letter would come in the mail and it still hasn't---is that something I should worry about? (I feel like I am lucky to be accepted and that its too good to be true since I started dancing very late and have almost 5 years of training now (but i am dancing 20+ hours a week currently), so I'm just worried that it was a mistake or something...)

I was wondering of the selectivity of this years auditions, like how many auditioned in total and how many were accepted?

also- how long does it take to hear back about dance scholarships? she kept pushing for me to send in a scholarship dvd when I was talking to her since I had not done so yet. my mom overnighted it once I finished it and it should have arrived by yesterday (Monday) I know the deadline is march 1, so do they wait to watch them at that time?

and about scholarships- what is the chance of getting one? do all dancers get something or only the top 5 or something? and anyone know about how much money it would be?


lastly anyone else know they are accepted?

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Congrats Alfhieballet! My DD is a freshman dance major and she loves the program. I'm going to UofA in a couple of days to see her perform in this weekend's Premium Blend :clapping:


If you got a call from Ms. Lowe, I don't think you have anything to worry about. I'm sure your letter will arrive soon.


As for this year's number of accepted vs. audtioned, I don't know. I do remember my DD's acceptance letter last year said something like "450 audtioned, 30 were accepted". Those aren't exact numbers, but it was close to that.


DD received her dance scholarship in April. I don't have any info on the percentage of dancers who receive a scholarship and I think it's probably frowned upon to discuss specfic amounts. But, I can say that the amounts vary a number of factors including evaulation score at audition and classification.

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Superchauffer- I auditioned January 19 at the school, and I received the call on Sunday February 17th, about Four weeks after the audition.


34ballet- thanks! Do you recall when your daughter received the letter/when she auditioned? How rigorous is the program- how many hours per week/day is she dancing? Also (if it applies to her I'm assuming she's on the more ballet side?) how are the ballet classes - is there pas de deux classes/pointe/variations? Also about how spread is the level of the freshman class (in general, because i know there are jazz/modern/ballet dancers, i.e. are there girls who shouldn't be in the program and/or girls who could get company contracts). If you don't mind asking her, I would really appreciate it! Thanks!




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Alphieballet, DD auditioned in the fall and she received her letter about 3 weeks after the audition.

Coincidently, my DD just called, so I was able to ask her your questions. The program is rigorous -- but not excessive. You will have a lot of flexibility in the number and type (jazz, modern, ballet) of classes that you take. This semester she's taking around 16 hours of classes/week. That doesn't include rehearsals.

The ballet classes are very good. There are multiple levels. Your level was determined at audition and will be provided to you by your dance advisor when you go to campus to register for classes. There are pas de deux and pointe classes.

There are differing levels of ability - with some dancers being stronger in ballet, jazz or modern. But, DD doesn't recall seeing anyone who didn't belong. I think this is one thing that attracted us to UofA -- dancers were required to be strong in 2 of the 3 disciplines at audition. And, once at UofA, dancers are required to become strong in all three.

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