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Thank you so much 34ballet!


I have more questions :D for anyone who has knowledge on the subjects:


suggestions on dorms? Manzanita-Mohave was listed in the letter as the suggestion and it seems like a lot of dancers room there. Is it a good dorm? it seemed far away from the school of dance. Would I completely separated from dancers if I chose a different dorm?


how competitive is this school to get into compared to the other major college dance programs?


I was wondering what the alumni of this school are doing?

things like what companies are dancers in, how many usually go on to dance in a company/choreograph/teach

and anyone know how this school stacks up compared to others with alumni dancing in companies?



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I just returned from attending UA's Premium Blend. It was fantastic!! The performance began with Balanchine's Rubies -- UA is one of only two schools to have been granted permission to perform Rubies. I think that speaks volumes for the level of ballet training UA offers.


Subsequent modern, jazz and ballet pieces from UA faculty were equally as wonderful (I'm partial to Beachers because my DD was in the cast - but honesty, I had multiple favorites). The choreography was engaging and the dancers were outstanding. After 15 years of watching performances, I have a habit of searching for the standout dancers and following them. However, I couldn't do that during this performance because ALL of the dancers were standouts. And, there were sooo many talented men. My DD mentioned how great it was to have so many men in the program because it offers so many opportunities for partnering.


After seeing the performance, I know my DD made the right choice for her. UA is an excellent dance program - From the faculty to the dancers to the dance partners who support the dance program. I was thoroughly impressed!


Alfieballet - DD chose a different dorm, Colonia De La Paz, because she wanted to be closer to the school of dance (although it's still a good walk) and she wanted to be with a mix of students with different backgrounds. She said that many of the dancers do live in Manzanita, but not all of them. And, she doesn't feel separated from the other dancers.

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Can anyone comment on the extracurricular ballet class options?


My DD will not be a dance major but would like to take ballet while at UA. She hoped to work it into her schedule as an elective, but her schedule is so full of Gen Eds that she could not fit it in for her first semester. She has emailed her advisor to try to find out how to get ballet classes, but she has not received a response yet.

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Thanks, Pierrette, we will look into that. Are there any open classes available through the University?

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Outside of the 100-level classes for non-majors, the only "open" opportunities through the dance department when my daughter was there was the CultureRhythym hip-hop club plus being cast in student choreography pieces. That was 5 years ago. However, I've never heard of any college dance program having the resources to be able to offer open dance technique classes.

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I see. Thanks, Pierrette. I was hoping there would be the equivalent of an intramural sport extracurricular kind of thing in a program the size of Arizona's. We will look into Ballet Arts if her advisor doesn't come up with anything new.

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Our DD is planning to audition for the University of Arizona dance program on September 21. Do any of you who have visited there recently have a recommendation for the most convenient place to stay nearby? I am not that worried about cost, but assume that parking is an issue on the the university campus. I will have a rental car.


Also, I welcome any advice you all might have for a student preparing to audition. She has had intensive ballet training but also studies and really likes modern and jazz (and tap, not sure if that is relevant at the U of A). DD is very conscientious and has studied the website carefully for all of the necessary steps, but would love any additional information about the program, the audition, and what the faculty are looking for in potential students.


Thanks in advance.

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Mary, if you scroll up-thread a couple pages, some hotel recommendations were provided to me when I inquired last year. We stayed at the Marriott University when we visited, and will stay there again in two weeks when we move my DD in. It is right on the edge of campus and very convenient. There are several restaurants and cafes within two blocks of the hotel.

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When it comes to convenience, the Tucson Marriott University Park is a good option. It's basically on campus. I haven't stayed there myself, but that's only because it's always sold out when we visit.


My DD will be a sophmore this year and LOVES the UA dance program. The audition itself is intense and long -- If memory serves me correctly it's a full audition in all three styles (ballet, modern & jazz). So, be prepared to be there a while.


Best of luck to your DD!! U of A is a great place to be (although I'm dreading returning my DD in the 115 weather in a few weeks)

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Thank you both very much. DD likes everything she hears/reads about this program and we look forward to visiting.

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The Arizona Jazz Showcase is October 4-6th. In case your DD hasn't heard yet or doesn't get accepted, I have heard they offer acceptances and scholarships during the showcase classes. If your DD has a performance number (with a video) they can submit it as a possible entry in the showcase. This would be a great way for the staff to see her dance before the Sept auditions or the October Jazz Showcase. The video entries are due Sept. 6th.



There is a separate UA audition on Oct 5th at 11:15 so you might want to read about it at least. This audition is for HS Seniors. They have a Q & A session Immediately following the audition:

  • 12:45-2:15 pm
  • Location: Ina Gittings Rm. 203 (bring bag lunch)
  • Presented by Professor Melissa Lowe along with additional UA Dance Faculty



Merde to your DD's!

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I auditioned in January and will be a freshman in the program this year.


I really liked the audition, it was very crowded and long however, I believe there were 130 people. They split us into two groups for barre then everyone was together for center/modern/jazz. They only had about 2-3 center exersies in ballet, no grand allegro and no pointe, then one modern combo and one jazz combo. They had us go in groups of 5-10 dancers so the audition was very long and lasted almost 4 hours. Numbers are done alphebitacally.


Most people wore leotard (any color) and tights, but there were also a lot of dancers in shorts, black tights, tights over leotard etc. make sure she brings lots of water! It can get really hot in the room with the amount of people, and the sun often shines along the windows looking out to the mall (strip of grass) so it gets very hot next to them (I was put on the barre that runs down the window and those of us on it were dripping in sweat after barre).


All the teachers and the dean sat in the front with clip boards. For the combos we only went once but the staff always are watching and taking notes when you are learning combos etc.


When performing in groups, especially if she's a later number it's good to be going over the combos, but do not dance full out or mark in the back or sides, during our audition one of the teachers stopped the combo and yelled at those marking in the back for distracting them from those who were performing.

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