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DD received a scholarship from her DVD audition. She was a top pick of the faculty and she did not receive full tuition. We were told the amount was "very good" for an arts scholarship. No school offered full tuition to DD, although she was highly sought out by them.


I have much more info to share but it isn't all about AZ. Where would it be most helpful to post?

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Recognizing that everyone's experience will be different when it comes to scholarships, our experience has been that UofA's scholarship offer from the fine arts school was higher than other comparable schools. In addition, as Pierrette stated, when combined with a UofA merit scholarship and a UofA grant, DD's out of state tuition was cut by at least 3/4, if not more.


UofA's relationship with their Dance Partners is awesome. DD is learning the importance of developing relationships with those who support the arts. She has the opportunity to train in NYC this summer because of the generous support from the Dance Partners.

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34ballet is correct, although not a full tuition scholarship, DD was told it was a very good one for the arts. And it turned out to be the most generous of all offered. With the academic scholarship DD tuition is cut to just a little under half tuition. We are very happy!


And good to know about the Dance Partners and what an invaluable skill to learn to develop these kind of connections with the patrons. This kind of skill is beneficial in any career, so glad to hear this!



Also, got an email list of incoming U of A School of Dance freshman, the count was 19, with 8 of these male.

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Wow! Just 19 incoming freshman. I know they said at the Q&A that they generally accept 35 to 40 each year. It's great to see such a high percentage of men, though. I wonder if some of the accepted students ultimately decided to attend different schools for various reasons, or if U of A just accepted far fewer students overall this year?

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We have several more years before dd does this but I'm really looking forward to hearing from you all!

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UofA just posted a video about the dance department on its Facebook page. (I won't link to it, since it's Facebook).

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Was your DD already accepted to UA in order for her to attend the 9/27 audition or is she a current UA student? Trying to figure out the timing of all this :-)



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Ballet Valet, No, my daughter is currently a senior in high school. The 9/27 audition was just one of the possible audition dates at UA. She decided to take the first audition date in order to spread her auditions out over both fall and spring semesters. There were approximately 80 or 90 students at the audition. It was a smaller audition group than they usually have due to a fire in the control tower in Chicago that prevented some students from attending the audition. It was nice to take the early audition, because you get results fairly quickly (late October, I believe). They called to tell her that she was accepted, which was very nice. Unfortunately, we are still waiting to hear about any dance scholarships. I emailed them and they said we should know in the next week or two. On the other hand, a very nice academic scholarship was offered very quickly.


As it stands we are still waiting to hear from several other schools as well, so we won't be making any decisions until after April 1st.

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ballet valet... Love your name here! My DD is a frosh at UA dance and one does not have to be admitted to the University to audition. I recall at the audition Q&A, the faculty asked for a raise of hands on who has applied to the University. In Feb there were not that many and they admonished them to get it done as soon as possible. My DD got all her apps in before the auditions, but then she auditioned for all in Jan and Feb.. All apps to universities were done by Dec1 at the latest. that was very nice to have done and out of the way. I would recommend getting University apps done by the first deadline.

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Thanks both kiwiwdancer and Mackie!

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Today our DS submitted his first online application to UA and received a receipt of confirmation. As you all may know the School of Dance supplementary application requires the student ID to submit it. Can someone kindly tell us how long it takes for UA to send a student ID? Thanks!

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If I remember correctly the NETID setup was in the welcome mailing. DD got it right away. Call admissions to be sure.

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