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We could not find it either. We finally emailed the counselor listed on the right side of DD's UA Future Student page and they emailed with her student ID. I swear we looked for 3 days before contacting the counselor.

Good luck!

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Thanks kiwiwdancer! He called the admissions and was given his Student ID. However, first they told him he didn't need it. Upon describing the the process and where it stops and asks for the Student ID, they were very nice about it.

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Thanks ballet vallet! Fastest response to our question came from UA Admissions Facebook page. However, it said Student ID was not required(see the below response) when it was clearly not the case :)


A student ID number is not required to submit your supplementary application to the School of Dance. It's a field in the College Fine Arts application registration form, but it is not required. You can register for an account to submit your dance application here: https://projects.sbs.arizona.edu/projects/cfa/admission/student/.

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Glad you all got the ID, that NETID is used for everything. Let me know if you have any questions and MERDE for your dancers' auditions.

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UA audition was held yesterday. 1 of 3 available over the year. Because of their new totally on-line application process, the audition was smaller than in the past. around 75 dancers, including 10 or so men. The format for the audition was the same as in past years. 90 min warmup in a side room. Ballet class, Modern class and Jazz class. A couple of dancers were pulled out front at the end of the ballet portion to do a last run through. DD was unclear if they hadn't seen these 2 enough or if they were a couple of favorites. No dancers were pulled out in the modern or jazz portions. Parent Q&A was interesting. They are projecting the same admission numbers as previously noted, around 35 freshmen. Acceptances would go out to around 50 dancers for the year. This first set of auditioners should hear back in the next 2-4 weeks from what I remember but they did say the new online process was not fully tested for sending out the results.

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ballet valet, I hope your DD enjoyed the dance audition and the UA campus. Did you get to take a campus tour?


My DD is currently a freshman dance/neuroscience dual major at UA. At all of the other schools where she auditioned last year, it was virtually impossible to pursue the dual major (unless you wanted to be in school for a very long time!). After a 2-hour advising session at UA, we figured out that DD should be able to graduate in four years, including one summer school session. She did go into the program with quite a few AP and concurrent enrollment credits, though.


DD is thoroughly enjoying the dance program so far. As a freshman, she has been cast in faculty choreographed jazz and pointe numbers, which is exactly what she was hoping for in a college program--performance experience in all dance genres. We can't wait to fly out for her first performance at the end of October!

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Yes, ballet valet our DS was there too.


I agree it was a very interesting Q&A. Little bit more from what we learnt...They send out three types of letters; Full Acceptance, Partial Acceptance, Reject. An interesting thing they said was if someone was to receive a Partial Acceptance to initiate communication with the department immediately to receive feedback as to why the dancer didn't make the cut, take remedial measures, and they are willing to take a second look at the dancer at another audition. The faculty came out as very caring and seem to take pride in a good away about the program and accomplishments of their students. We got the feeling they very much value academic accomplishment and encourage pursuing a double majors and minors excluding few such as theater that has conflicting schedules.


About the 2 students getting more visibility, our DS thought those 2 didn't quite get to completely finish that particular ballet combo in the groups they were in. Therefore one of the panel who noticed that was kind enough to ask them to go again with another group.


Here's my quick notes from the Q&A if anyone is interested:

70 dancers including 9 men, 1 no show
Reject, partial admission, full admission. Partial admissions receive feedback
Offers sent to 50 Freshman class is about 33-35 2 female : 1 men
Minors, double majors encouraged, there are minors impossible to coordinate with dance
All faculty performed professional. All faculty teach through out the year.
Academic advising
40 shows per year with tracking of who is in which to ensure no one's left behind
Ballet technique everyday. 3 dance classes, 2-3 academic classes, rehearsal till about 9 pm per day
Leveled classes
Physical and chiropractic care onsite. Pilates onsite. Bio-mechanics with practical approach
Graduate studies coordinator. Department scholarships and Academic scholarships
Summer placement and offer scholarships to attend outside training during summer
Travel to South America and Europe
Visiting talent agents

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MomDad007, thanks for a much more thorough summary. It will be very helpful to the next round of auditioners.

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Has anyone heard back from the September 2015 auditions or the jazz showcase audition on October 3rd? This waiting game is hard! My daughter auditioned at the showcase along with approximately 70 other dancers. The audition went well but as we all know, a good audition doesn't guarantee an acceptance at U of A. They accept amazing dancers and they reject amazing dancers. I was impressed with the faculty as they know exactly what they are looking for in a student. Also wondering if the acceptances are coming in the form of a letter or a phone call. I got mixed messages on that detail.

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We heard via a phone call on 9/30 after the 9/12 audition (just under 3 weeks). We were told there would also be a letter coming but have not seen anything yet. There was a similar number of dancers at the September audition. I would guess acceptance calls would go out next week sometime?! Just a guess. Hope all goes well for your DD!

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The scholarship video is due by November 1st for the fall auditions (I guess that would include the showcase audition, unless they stated otherwise at the audition). I would send your video and any additional recommendation letters before that date whether you have heard back or not. It might tip the scale in your favor?!

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Thank you Ballet Valet and huge congrats to your dancer! Thank you for the insight on timing! That is helpful information. We are working on that video and will send to the department on Monday. My DD has another audition next weekend so maybe that will help distract from the waiting. U of A is clearly the #1 choice so it will be nice to know yay or nay and be able to move on down the list.

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Merde' to your DD on her auditions! It's hard being the mom when helping with time management (and scheduling flights) is the only thing we can do. :-)

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My daughter attended the 10/3/2015 Jazz Showcase audition. She got a partial acceptance letter in the mail yesterday. We are thrilled to know that she is still in the running. We plan to call the school to get the feedback and determine if she can go back for an in class audition as she has a dance comp conflict on the date of the last national audition. I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with the partial acceptance letter and can offer insight? Thanks!

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HI, My daughter also got a partial acceptance letter to wait until after the january 23rd auditions for the final decision. I am so happy she is still in the running also, i know a few great dancers already that got reject letters. I also would like insight as to the next step. I feel like a phone call as to what should be our next step to the department for guidance. She ausitioned at the Jazz showcase. I am curious if anyone know how many kids get the partial acceptance letter? She also has an offer for point park with a 48k scholarship offer and another 12k from NYCDA foundation, that I could possibly use at U of A. Does anyone know what scholarships U of A offers as far as money? thanks!

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