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Hi rogmom,


U of A offers pretty good academic scholarships. My daughter got $38,000 for academic. She is a 3.8GPA student with average test scores. I know of kids who have gotten up to $60K for academics. These are kids who have high GPA and high test scores.


Congrats on the partial!! It is one step closer.....

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hauke3211 and rogmom,


My DD is an out of state freshman at UA. She received a 60K academic scholarship. She also received a dance merit award. She had a 4.0GPA in high school and high test scores, although she was not a national merit scholar or semi-finalist. Unfortunately, I do not have any information on partial acceptances. Is that the same as being placed on the wait list? She loves the dance program at UA!

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Hi Mackie,


Partial acceptance means that the dancer is still being considered for the program(the auditioner's liked what they saw in audition but maybe there was a weak area) and that a final decision won't be made on their status until the Dance department is able to see all the candidates at the 1/23/2016 audition. I believe that with the partial acceptance letter, we are encouraged to call department to find out more info regarding dance audition results. Also, partials are likely encouraged to audition again, if possible. I'm not entirely clear but that's what I recall from the informational meeting. Crossing fingers - I plan on calling department tomorrow.


I'm sure your daughter does love the program - I love the program! It's excellent.

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Thank you for the explanation, and best wishes to your daughter as she navigates the college audition trail. The dance department seems very open to answering any questions. I hope that UA works out for her!

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I got some more information about the Student ID/Net ID requirements. A Net ID is not needed to submit the Dance Application, but a Student ID is needed. When/how do they get their Student ID? It is with the U of AZ acceptance letter. So, generally one would wait for an acceptance into U of AZ before submitting the dance application. If you want to submit the dance application before university admission, they will give the Student ID over the telephone, but only to the student, not a parent.


UPDATING TO ADD: The above doesn't seem to be totally correct. DD just received an email with her UA Student ID. It seems that once the academic application is complete and under review, and when they see the indicated interest in dance, they then send out the Student ID, which is needed to submit the Dance Application.

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SewRibbons,DD is a sophomore I asked her about the NetI/ID,she remembers it as once accepted to the University she created a student ID #. Then the NETID is used for the entire 4 years to choose classes, dorm, meal plan etc.


DD recalls the STUDENT ID WAS WITH acceptance letter.


Dance Merit scholaship recipients were notified around 1st week of May in 2014.

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hauke3211..my DD a sophomore and got academic and merit scholarships. UA is nice because the school has guaranteed tuition for 4 years...of course that doesn't stop them from increasing other fees,but the cost has been predictable for the most part. We have heard of merit scholarships from 1,000$-15,000. tt all depends , also,on the amount of scholarship $in their budget in a given year and how they decide to divvy that up.

I was told by another college program AD an $ 8k merit scholarship in dance is considered good. Hope that gives you some perspective.


In my opinion, regarding college dance programs,if dancer receives a scholarship the performance opportunities in faculty or guest pieces, come in abundance.

There are other performance opportunities though, like student and graduate student showcases,where everyone can get performance experience.

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I would say an average is 25-30/class so roughly around 120 in the program,my estimate as a parent.One could make it as ballet focused as they would want. My DD has pre-pro training at a company school,so she wants to take ballet and pointe 5 days/week. Some dancers are more jazz or commercial danced focused so they take more jazz, less ballet.The modern classes have been a good supplement.To graduate one needs a certain amount of credits in one high level dance class, ballet,jazz or modern.D D is interested in contemporary ballet and the performance repertoire she has been casted in has given her wonderful exposure to that genre.She has been cast in jazz and modern pieces as well.She loves the variety and how each pushes her as an artist. Ballet faculty,Professor Melissa Lowe has danced with NYC,PNB,Houston and been on faculty at IU. She is able to bring great works to perform. Balanchine, a Jerome Robbins ballet piece, Antique Epigraphs created for NYCB, will be performed this February, her own ballet choreography among the pieces. Professor Clouser who danced and choreographed for Houston sets classic and contemporary pieces of his own. There are a couple of other ballet faculty that choreograph and teach. An Ohad Naharin piece will be performed this spring. DD is very satisfied with the range of choreographic work she is getting to perform. There's Partnering and repertoire class as

Performing Opportunities are offered by audition in the fall and there is one this week for second semester Spring Show.The spring show has a lot of performing opportunities. There are 4 student choreography showcases and one MFA show, all kinds of opportunity. Underclassmen seem to have equal opportunity to be chosen by audition.If one can "bring it" then they will be cast.It seems if one comes with less training or experience, they may not be cast in faculty pieces until Spring of Freshman year.But they have opportunity to audition for student and MFA candidates pieces. I feel the dancers that come from strong training are the ones chosen for the major ballet works. Which is probably pretty common.

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DD has just started her FINAL semester at UA. I can't believe how quickly this time has passed. She is graduating with two degrees in 4 years. It hasn't been easy - lots of summer classes (every summer since she graduated from high school) and lots of hard work. She did have conflicts with performance rehearsals and classes in her other major that caused her to loose some performance opportunities. But, conflicts are to be expected when juggling multiple majors and performances.


I highly recommend this program. She has matured so much as a dancer and a young woman at UA. She's auditioning for dance jobs and interviewing for corporate jobs this semester, so we're excited to see what the future holds for her.


Best of luck to your dancers - they're in good hands at UA!

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Congratulations to your DD on artfully juggling the dual major at UA! It is great to hear from someone at the end of the program that it really is possible to do in four years (with lots and lots of hard work!). Did your DD do her summer classes at UA, or did she transfer credits in from another university? My DD is planning to do the first 5-week summer session at UA in order to take two classes and then still have time to attend a training program later in the summer. If your DD was at UA, were there any dance opportunities in the summer either at UA or in Tucson/surrounding area? If not, was she able to dance in the summer while taking summer school courses at another location?


Also, for those considering this program, I have heard from several people that, although not widely publicized, it is possible to complete the dance degree at UA in three years. This appears to be true, since a couple of my daughter's friends will be graduating in three years. Some schools (NYU Tisch, for instance) advertise that they are a three-year program, which certainly has its advantages for those pursuing dance career where age is not generally on their side. A three-year program also allows a student to complete a dual major in a reasonable amount of time.

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Congrats 34ballet!!! It is difficult to juggle the academics and dance requirements /performance /rehearsals.Just the logistics of finding the time for required classes that doesn't conflict with dance,the online classes are the answer for my DD. Dd looking at a minor possibly,all Gen eds will be done before junior Year. Good luck with auditions and interviews .keep us posted!

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I believe NYU requires all majors to attend summer sessions, of course at an additional cost. I believe I saw that on the NYU thread. The summer courses thru UA are adding to cost of the education. Looking into home local university classes for cost savings. Summer classes at UA are at resident rate to everyone, even out of state which is nice.

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Just to add a thought regarding less expensive summer classes... While I didn't attend UA (went to another top ballet program) I was able to tick off the few gen-eds that I hadn't AP-ed out of by taking courses through my home state's community colleges, either in-person over the summer or online during a regular semester. My home state IS Arizona, which happens to have a HUGE community college system, so this may not be feasible for all, but it's definitely worth looking into! I was able to graduate early with a double minor because of this.

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