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I would say DD gets the most out of the Répétiteurs that have come to set prominent pieces. Ohad Naharin's company has 2 members here this semester teaching to whomever wants to learn it and they will be casting for 2 pieces soon.Ben Stevenson sent a Répétiteur Fall 2014,DD was an understudy for Four Last Songs. And ex NYC Ballerina, Helene Alexopoulos, this year for the Antique Epigraphs piece. There were numerous understudies/ alternate casts that had opportunity to learn from the repetiteurs.

Also, the faculty is excellent, the pieces they create are equally wonderful opportunities to grow and progress. Sam Watson, Mr.Closuer,Melissa Lowe, Elizabeth George, Tammy Compton, Michael Williams, all have had notable careers and so much to share to the dancers at UA.

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As the school year winds down, I hope someone will share where the Grads or Early Leavers of UA Dance are going for the next phase of their lives.

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Thank you for being so available to answer questions. :) It is incredibly helpful information. My daughter and three other dancers have chose to live in Rawls-Eller their Freshman year in a quad. I know you mentioned that your daughter lives there this year. How did she like it? Anything we should know going in? Thank you Thank you!

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Thank you kiwidancer for updating grads.

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Hi All ~

Parent of a UA Dance alum here. I hope others will chime in, but there are so many success stories I can't begin to list them all! Just to name a few (and only including grads from the past few years), there are some dancing with professional companies (Giordano Chicago, the "on-hiatus" River North Dance Chicago, Eisenhower Dance, Odyssey Dance Theatre, Visceral Dance, Rochester City Ballet, Ballet Hispanico, Wonderbound, City Ballet of San Diego, MET Dance, STEPS Repertory Ensemble in NYC, Bad Boys of Ballet, Royal Flux Dance, ConDanza Repertory Company, Sarah Berges Dance, Lar Lubovitch Dance, and Piel Morena Contemporary Dance). There's at least one with the Radio City Rockettes, several with Cirque du Soleil shows including "Beatles LOVE" in Las Vegas, several dancing commercially in the LA area (movies, TV, modeling, etc.), Disney, national/international Broadway touring companies, numerous cruise line performers (especially on Royal Caribbean and Holland America), one who just completed his masters at NYU, several who are teaching and/or choreographing, several who are getting advanced degrees in the field (or related), and others I can't think of at the moment! This list is in no way complete, and dancers often leave one "gig" for another so the list is ever-evolving. There are SO many reasons dancers who graduate from the UA program are successful moving their dance/performing careers forward, including opportunities to learn from world-class faculty and legendary artists brought in to set works on the dancers. LOTS of performing opportunities in a fabulous facility. The ability (and many do) to double major or major/minor. One of the biggest reasons is the exceptional training in ALL genres, and no requirement to "declare" one over another. UA Dance is the absolute best, just ask any alum. Hope this is helpful, and good luck to all!!

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Rawls Eller lodge is a,very nice "dorm ".It has been a,fraternity house that the school took over only in 2014. DD was first dorm class there.I was very pleased to see,by chance, that it had the least police calls for drugs and alcohol. It's so close to the dance school,too. Police station directly across the street. Close to frats/sorority houses if that's important to your dancers. My DD did not feel need to join greek life, although many dancers do.

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Nothing more I can think of aboutRawls Eller Lodge. The RA tried to have more social events this year and organize hiking , outings ,barbecues. DD is just so busy dancing not much time for the dorm social. I think it's the best dorm on campus, the opposite of the "party dorms",safe ,clean ,nice kids .PM me if you like.

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Thank you kiwidancer! Choosing a dorm was a stressful process - by the time my daughter was able to choose a dorm, all of the double rooms everywhere were already spoken for. Note to others who are reading this board, it's probably a good idea to pay the housing deposit prior to you knowing if your dancer is accepted.


I'm glad to hear that Rawls Eller is the opposite of the party dorms. That is exactly what my dancer and her friends are looking for. I appreciate the location as well especially on those nights where the dancers are rehearsing into the evening.


loves2watch - thank you for your feedback. Love, love hearing the stories of success!

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Hi, did anyone attend the audition at UA last week? My dd went, but her dad took her, so I missed the info. She said it was very crowded. She thought it focused quite a bit on jazz or that was equal to ballet, where she is more trained in classical ballet and modern/contemp. Does anyone know when they notify you?


She had received an acceptance into the main University pretty fast, but not sure UA is at top of her list.


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Diana13 -


Yes, we attended the audition on Sept. 19th. Here are the particulars I can give you:

There were about 80 auditioners - 3 were men. The audition went 3 hours and my daughter liked the audition very much. She did not mention that there was a heavier focus on any one genre, but they did not don pointe shoes of course, and to be fair in 3 hours to get good looks at an overall training of a student, I would say that made sense. They do have a few ballerinas there - as I know actually 2 other students in the program right now.

They said not to expect a notification soon. They have another larger audition coming up - it was either this weekend or next - and so it will take them some time to evaluate each student. They mentioned that they were hoping to contact students starting in late October, but to not be surprised if you didn't hear until December. There were 3 types of notifications you would hear - I believe they said all would be by mail (which may be different than last year and the year prior as I know students who were actually called both years). Either you are accepted, declined, or put on a 'possible' list. According to the Dean Melissa Lowe this is more of a 'they want to see more from you' list than an actual 'wait list'. If you are put on this list, they will give you instruction at that point and encourage you to either audition again or send in supplemental video materials (which could be the video for scholarship materials if you had submitted these). On that note, merit scholarships will not be awarded until March as they have to consider all who audition before they hand those out. We were also told that about 500 students apply but the class size for next year will only be about 40 total. So your odds of being accepted seemed to be about 10%. (they did mention that they accept more than will attend of course, but how many more...who knows???? they sort of indicated maybe 50....figuring that about 10 will decline) Finally, I watched 2 classes for about 10 minutes each as we did the dance dept. tour the next day. One was a modern class (where the teacher was teaching the class a combination and so I could not tell how well the students were doing...but the teacher was amazing! I am sure she was older than I am and I am 50+ and she was demonstrating on the floor for the dancers with no trouble at all! And then we watched the end of a jazz class where they demoed a combination. I was extremely impressed with the talent I saw. There was a lot of it. (and I am not easily impressed). The campus is beautiful I might add. I do not think this is my daughter's first choice either, but if she is honored enough to be accepted into the program, I would certainly not complain if she decided to accept. She is not interested in becoming a ballerina. She plans on going more the contemporary route. I do believe that the dancers only take pointe 2 or 3 times a week. I find that interesting since they have quite a list of dancers who have been accepted into ballet companies....

Hope that helps some! Too bad you didn't get to see it there. It really is beautiful there! yes it's hot too!!! :cool2:

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We have not stephanielindsay and do not to expect to for a while. They said we may not even hear until December. I would not be concerned. They just had their second audition last weekend with the Jazz festival there I believe it was last week. So no real time to review anything yet!

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