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Sheahuang - my daughter lives in Rawls. It was an excellent choice for her for many reasons! Location, location, location. Can't beat it as it is so close to the dance studio. She is not on a meal plan so the set up of the dorm worked well for her. There is a full kitchen at Rawls. It is a small dorm - worked well as she didn't want to be in a loud,crazy environment. It's a bit old and not fancy by any means but it has worked well. We would definitely choose it over again - no regrets.

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Good to hear Rawls is still a quiet dorm- I heard it has the least number of police calls !

My son does not cook - well, except eggs or Ramen :D so I think we are looking at a the bare minimum meal plan at least to cover one meal a day. Are grocery stores easy for the kids to get to off campus if they don't have a car?

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Sheahuang - My daughter doesn't have a car. Tucson is very spread out and the grocery stores are not really within walking distance. She uses UBER pretty frequently to get where she needs to go.

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I wish uber was in existence when i was going to school :)

We did the housing application- I think that holds a place in line as first come first serve so that when all the other steps in the portal are completed it allows you to choose the dorm?

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Dance merit awards were dispensed this week. Melissa Lowe is personally calling all the scholarship applicants to inform them of their status whether they receive one or not. DS received a dance merit award today on top of his academic scholarship and academic achievement award. He's committing to U of A !

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Sheahuang, congratulations to you and your son. It's nice to go where the money is and where they indicate that they like you! ??

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millvillemurphs- Thank you! He's excited. It also came down to which school would support his desire to double major.

Thanks to all those who have posted their experiences and to those who have connected with me and answered my questions . We look forward to paying it forward in the years to come.

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sheuang, DD lived in Rawls Dorm for 2 years, it was fairly quiet, very close to Studios and the UA Police is right across the street. I thought the dorms were nice for a dorm. room and a bathroom the 4 shared DD was first to live in Rawls Eller and no other dancers lived there, wonder if that has changed. .DD now as a junior lives in a house very close to studios. Grocery stores are not close, DD also Ubers/Lyft a lot and borrows a car sometimes. They have that on campus car share program available,I am not sure what it is called, must be subscribed or a member, whatever they call it. She did not belong to it. There is public transportation, but DD rarely uses it, timing never seems to work out.

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Hi Everyone - my daughter has completed and submitted the common app.  Will she be getting a student id soon so she can download the dance app?  Is that how it works?  We're planning on going out in two weeks for the audition and want to make sure she gets all this in!  

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Lady Elle, 


I did not even realize that UofA was on the common app. We did the regular app. Her application was accepted last week and i have been watching for the student ID. I called today and they said they don't know that it is in an email. They gave it to me no problem. So, if it has been accepted, call the admissions office

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I talked to admissions and they gave me her student id so we can move on to the dance app.  Lizzyhultz1, will you be at the September audition?

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Lady Elle, We are going to the one during the Jazz showcase weekend. Is this the one you are talking about? I am feeling the pressure now. We have to finish her resume. I am not sure if we just sen the one we are making for USC (they are very specific on the format and information they want) or do another with more info. Plus I forgot we need to do her photos asap so we can send the two off for UofA

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lizzhults1  I have a senior in UA Dance and the Jazz Dance Showcase is when the audition is held. My DD never went to Jazz Dance Showcase, she auditioned in Feb in 2014. I know there are acceptances and scholarships offered during Jazz Dance Showcase. And sometimes a dancer will also audition in the winter, if they weren't accepted in September. Not many, but a few get reconsideration for acceptance at the second National audition in the winter. I hope that makes sense.

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