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50 for the current class!? Ms Lowe also told DS they aim to accept 15 male dancers per year so that would be about 1/3 of the program.

thanks for the inside tip on Ms Lowe-Hancock, sheahuang.  Ms Lowe & DH sure are dedicated educators for the arts!

cheering for the female dancers - the wait is never fun but the right program will come for sure!

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They aim to fill a class with around 35ish. When we interviewed last year, Dean Hancock said they would like to keep the enrollment under 140 as things get really tight. They were planning for a smaller Class of 2021 to make up for the larger 2020 class but I think there are 33 or 35 in my son's class- at least 12+ men. 

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Thank you for your insight and great source of information, Sheahuang! We appreciate you sharing your time and well of information!

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How is everyone doing with videos due in two weeks? Does anyone know how important it is to trim off videos' leading and trailing credit?

Also the uploading instructions mention emailing the "hyperlink" when ready. Is that a list of links or ONE link to a playlist with individual videos in that list?

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cmalltheway- We edited the links into one video and if you look on Youtube at prior dancers' videos (a lot have left theirs up for the public to see) you can get a sense for what others did too. We sent one youtube link and listed the video as private (?unlisted- can't remember- I know it wasn't public :wink:)

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We spent probably 4-5 hours filming last weekend.  And, nothing turned out that great - so we're doing it again this week.  I hate these video things!  The lighting at the studio isn't great.  For the solo's it's hard to be close enough to capture her face without cutting off her limbs! :(  Also working on other submissions.  We absolutely have to get it done this week though.  

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Thank you, sheahuang, for the tip. Definitely a wide variety of videos out there! I've only post mine as "unlisted" so they are only accessible by link. 

LadyElle, I feel your pain! We tried some the other evening and they seemed fine at first. But when I put them on my computer, they looked flat and grainy. We redid them yesterday so now we have the footage needed to edit and merge into one video. (also had to get DS's input on which ones to pick...)

BTW, DH said UA office said the video can be approximately 10 mins, give or take 1 min. AND all the acceptance letters are being worked on and will come snail mail soon. 

Happy recording & editing, everyone!

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9-12 min seems to be the range of the videos  I watched on Youtube. Ds's video was 12:18 . He threw in a variation since he didn't have any Pas to send so there's an extra minute.

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Well, it looks like we won't have to do the video,. My dd was not accepted.  She wasn't even partially accepted.  We are both stunned.  She was one of the top 5 ballet dancers there.  Yes, she's very tall and athletic (which it goes into detail in the rejection letter that they look for athletic build), her legs aren't skinny but are ripped.  I'm beside myself right now.  

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OMG!!!! I can’t believe it. So very sorry for your DD, Lady Elle! It’s not only the disappointment of not getting in but the confused message that makes it worse. :wacko: Urgh...

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hauke3211   Sorry haven't been on here much, was actually at the College of Fine Arts Convocation last week. Got to watch class and as DD is into her senior year and has had a fabulous experience, I remember all the stress and unknown that your high school seniors are going thru. They seem to land where they are meant to be, so don't be discouraged if the road is bumpy.  I spoke with several dancers this weekend that had been not been accepted here on their first try. Some asked to be seen again and had come to take class with the current students and got an acceptance that way. I don't know what the protocol is for that, but maybe just ask?  A lot of the dancers seemed to think the winter audition is a better one attend.

Congrats to the boys that got these early acceptances. Lady elle maybe your DD can try again in the winter, and good luck to all the other auditions coming up. Here's to less stress and to be able to relax and enjoy the process. 

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Lady Elle- I'm so sorry to hear that- it is so hard to take it all so personally.  I echo what kiwiwdancer so eloquently stated. Many of the dancers do try again if she is up for it. I calculated the acceptance rate to these dance programs to be under 10%- which puts the selectivity to be akin to applying to an IVY or elite school.

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Lady Elle - sorry to hear this news. This process can be so discouraging and disheartening. With that said,  it sounds like U of A was not a top choice for your daughter...... but if it is, I would encourage her to audition again. With the exception of male dancers and their very top female choices, the faculty is quite "stingy" with  acceptances for both of the Fall auditions.  The reason being is that they want to wait and see what the pool of auditioners look like at the winter audition.  Remember too that in order to be accepted into the program your dancer needs to score in the "highly competent" range  in 2 out of the 3 dance styles; modern, jazz and ballet. Way, way easier said than done.  My DD received a partial acceptance at Jazz in AZ in 2015. She went back and auditioned in January, took classes and was accepted with a scholarship.  During the interim, she brushed up on her jazz skills which was her biggest weakness at the audition. 

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The Jan audition is the same date as her Butler audition.  Since U of A was her last choice from the very beginning, she probably won't do that again.  Honestly, if they couldn't see her strong ballet & modern at the first audition, they probably won't at the next.  I will call them - or have her teacher call them to ask about the audition and what the problem was.  He has taught some master classes at the university so it wouldn't be too akward. 

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