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Last year, the same audition was a week earlier than yours. With that schedule, the earliest anyone has heard back from was this week. So you might want to give it a bit more time even though waiting is difficult to parents & kids alike... hang in there!

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Thank you for your guidance!  My DD decided to wait for the results, attend jazz showcase for fun next weekend, and go back for the January audition, if needed.  

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Smart girl! Enjoying her time there is the best for any dancer! I know at least a couple of us have kids in the program. If she needs/wants to meet kids in the program during Jazz Showcase, let us know.

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My DD was also at the Sept audition and we have not heard although I know a couple of calls of acceptance have gone out already. Last Friday evening a friend said her son got the call around 6 EST. The status has not changed on the application page - ours still says under review - but someone said that would change once calla were complete and letters went out. Not sure if that is accurate or? UA is definitely a top choice but the numbers are quite crazy. Probably around 500 audition and 35 accepted. Of which they want to have about 15–18 boys and that leaves 17-20 girls. Pretty competitive to say the least!! We are hoping for a possible accept at this point!! My DD May save her second audition for working on her Masters degree there ... Please post if you hear anything!

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Thanks Navigating Mom!  Maybe they invite the boys first?  I figured they were smartly waiting until after the Jazz Showcase to make some girl decisions.  

AZ was the first of 8-10 auditions. So as anxious as we are to hear, all the details of the upcoming college applications/auditions paired with nutcracker are anxiety enough :) 

The class of 19🎓 is pretty quiet on the boards. I'm so grateful for last years posts to review past acceptance patterns and remind myself to keep it together with deadlines, this time will speed by.

I'll post if we hear something 🌻


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I hear you about auditions and Nutcracker and applications! I’m so ready for the Nov 1 deadline so we will be done with this part! LOL. And yes, want to hear but also want to get another audition under her belt before ... keep us posted!

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According to my son, the current freshmen class is about 45 with 17 boys. Ms Lowe is the one making all the acceptance calls. UofA’s general college acceptance will come first. Then the acceptance call from Ms Lowe and then the BFA acceptance letter. 

Hang in there! The audition and application process isn’t for the faint of heart but use these chat rooms for resource. We learned so much last year and made friends along the way. 

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Honestly cmalltheway I followed your group's chatting throughout the entire process last year and it was a HUGE comfort for me going into this year.  Thank you🌻

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cmalltheway thanks! My DD has acceptance and academic merit dollars from UA already so just waiting to hear about the audition results. I thought it was a busy time for them to call on Friday of the Jazz at AZ weekend but so excited for my friend and her son.

So many things about this program fulfilled our very long list of ideal program requirements and yet the price tag is as high or higher than many of the private schools (TCU, SMU, OKCU, etc) for out of state so that is a factor also in the end. 

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I get you about pricing. The academic merit scholarship definitely helps. They do give out some dance merit in the spring as well. For us, comparing UofA’s out of state tuition & expenses with other in-state schools, UofA won out for its many offerings my son is after. I’m sure you will make the best choice with your dancer. This is exciting and tiring time. Enjoy it with your dancer before he/she leaves! ❤️😘😍

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Just a clarification:  We encourage our members to share their experiences and first-hand information learned in visiting the programs.  But we are not a “chat room”.  BT4D is a discussion board. There is a difference. 😏

These dedicated threads are research tools for our members to share information and experiences, but not individual chit-chat conversations. 👍

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Just a not for those who may be anxiously awaiting.  If the current freshman class is 45, the acceptance rate will be higher than that.  Someone had mentioned accepting 35 total.  Just want you to know that they will accept more than that knowing some will decline and they would like the class size to be around 35. 

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Just came back from UA to see "Premium Blend,"  their season kickoff. I was able to see some beautiful work- "Panorama" commissioned from Martha Graham. They also performed it the weekend before with the Martha Graham Company. The other pieces included Concerto Barrocco set by Nilas Martin from the Balanchine Trust, a new piece set by Jory Hancock and Chris Compton and "Sentinel" set by Claire Hancock for David Berkey. It was amazing how professionally done the pieces were and put together in such a short time period  for college dancers. 

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My DD is a HS jr this year and UA is one of the schools on her list.  For those of you who have gone through this already what are your biggest pointers?  I've read through the last few years of post, just hoping for a few words of wisdom!  


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