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MKBmom, I would also recommend looking at the very long list of video requirements and work on having that together before school school starts in the fall. The instructors we talked to also recommended the early fall audition so you would have a chance at a second audition or even an in class audition if the results were not what you wanted the first time. So I would put it in the calendar first if it is a top choice. But the video portion was quite a task and it needs to be completed prior to auditions.

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MKBmom - my suggestion would be to make sure that jazz is excellent.  They say be strong in 2 of 3 areas, but if jazz isn't one of those 2,  I believe there will be less likely of a chance of getting in.  

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I think if you excel in ballet and are reasonable ("coachable") in the other areas that works. But if the dancer is weak in ballet then they should excel in jazz and modern. The majority of the dancers in the program are competition dancers but the pure ballet dancers are least common. To graduate you will need to reach the 400 level in one discipline and the 300 level in the other 2.  If jazz is your forte, consider auditioning during JazzNaz weekend- late September.

In regards to the video, the requirements have not changed at all so beginning to work on it now is good advice.

Be prepared for a crazy audition class like no other - 140ish kids in one class and very long because they try to get through all 3 disciplines. 

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sheahuang - the year my daughter auditioned (for 2018 fall entrance), that was not the case at all.  She excels greatly in ballet and pretty strong in modern as well. Her competition, trick style jazz was her weak link and she did not get accepted, but was accepted into all the other ballet programs she auditioned for.  Honestly she only auditioned there as her "back up" plan and because it's closer to home.  Even though it would've been her last pick, she was a bit shocked.  Good life lesson!

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Sheahung, Thanks so much.  I do have one question.  I’m the acceptance letter itnwas recommended they live in the Arts dorm (can’t remember the name).  Is that where your daughter lived the first year ?  

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Docdancemom-  The arts dorm is Manzanita-Mojave. It's not required. The dancers are scattered around the campus their freshmen year- usually by choice due to class needs and cost. Manzanita is one of the farthest from the dance building. Stevie Eller and the adjacent building (Gittings) where a lot of classes are held is the farthest northeast and Manzanita is the farthest west.  I know a few  dancers chose Rawls-Eller because it is closest to the dance building. My DS chose Yavapai for the proximity to the central campus for food and many of his science classes are central. Rehearsals often let out late after food options close so he would grab something on his way. He uses a kick scooter to get around. Longboards and bikes are popular options. He doesn't skateboard so the scooter was easiest for him and he just folds it up and tucks it under his arm to take into class- no need to find a bike rack to lock up.

The majority of dancers move off campus their second year. There is a huge network of prime house rental leases (just east of Campbell) that seem to circulate within the dance department. If you have a car there are a lot of options. My son went south of Yavapai off campus. He is rooming with another dancer and they are both double majors.  His roommate from freshmen year also moved off campus and had trouble finding a prime rental because he wasn't "connected."

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I'm seldom on Ballet Talk anymore, but I thought I'd chime in to say that my DD, a May 2019 graduate of UA, was offered a position as a full company member in a well-established contemporary dance company on the east coast.  They do national and international touring, so she is quite excited!  She graduated from UA with dual degrees in dance performance and neuroscience--in 4 years.  As her side hustle, so many dancers need one, she will be a medical scribe in the emergency room of a large hospital.  She will need the extra income, since she's living in a very expensive city.  Her plan is to dance for a few years (or more!), and then head to medical school.  UA provided incredible training for her!!

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Congratulations, Mackie! I think I know who your daughter is. She is a gorgeous dancer! So very happy for her! Thank you for sharing this with us. I’ll be sure to pass on the info to my DS who is in rehearsal right now. Your daughter is an inspiration in pursuing her many passions. 😘👏🎉

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Congratulations to your daughter!  I love reading about success balancing school and dance. My DD is still a few years away from college, but this is something to share with her to see that both are possible.  Thanks!

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Jujones When did your daughter find out she was accepted to UofA? My DD auditioned there as well as OU, but has not heard from either. She auditioned at UofA in September. 

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Temps de cuisse


I had a student audition in September and she heard back with her acceptance about 2 weeks ago.


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My DD auditioned at the University of Arizona Jazz Showcase in Oct. She received her acceptance this past Saturday (11/16).  Good luck to all your sons and daughters out there going through the auditioning process.  It's an exciting time but also stressful.  

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Does anyone know how long it  has been taking to receive feedback this year with the all-video audition format?  Thanks!

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