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DD was accepted into the U of A dance program yesterday.  Any feedback on the program would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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Congratulations!  My daughter just accepted her spot at U of A!  She has had her eye on this school since last summer and after exploring all her options and receiving all the financial offers from other schools, this made the most sense.  Arizona seems like a great place for someone who wants a well-rounded program that also allows the dancers to take extra classes in the a specific genre (ie ballet or modern).  Also, they are able to double major outside of dance.  We had a brief visit in January and that sealed the deal for her.  The campus is very pretty and clean and manageable.  Tucson is smallish city and easy to navigate (we're from out of state so it's nice that the airport is so convenient.)  The honors dorm (where she wants to live) is new and very enticing!)  It turns out DD knows a couple of people from different SIs that are current students there and they love it.  Also, one of our dance instructors has three students that went on to attend and graduate from there and all are now working in the dance industry.  She said they made great connections through the university.  Hope that helps!  Good luck!

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My daughter received her acceptance a couple of weeks ago, and we spoke to the dance business manager today.  I asked a few questions and learned that they are aiming for an incoming class of 25-30.  There are over 50 current first-year dancers, so I think they are trying to balance it out.   They also plan to have fully in-person classes in the fall (if all goes as planned) and the university is going to offer vaccinations to all current students before the current semester is over.  We plan to visit in about 2 weeks, and will hopefully make a final decision then.  Just waiting on one more school...

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Thank you @Mconti and @Ibanitt for your thoughtful responses.  Such helpful information.  My daughter also knows several people from previous ballet SIs who are currently in the program and had a great conversation with the Department representative. The stars seem aligned.  

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Looking for  information about the U of A dance minor in the ballet concentration. I have seen the list of required minimum hours, but would like additional insight into the program.

Thank you.

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