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Thanks so much for posting this link. I will be forwarding it to my dd guidance counselor---my dd school is less than supportive about her passion for dance. Perhaps this may shed some light on how hard she has worked.

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Pavlova -- Thanks for posting this. The young man interviewed attends the same arts high school as my daughter and is very talented. We will make sure he sees the article too!


Amazing statistics that getting into the dance program is harder than getting into the med school. Gulp.

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Ahahaha. My Dd didn't do this audition but she did another college audition a few weeks ago and after they told the auditionees about how long it would take to get results Dd keyed into her phone alarm "begin stalking mailman today".. :)

Good luck to your dd Raising The Barre!

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Thanks sgmca, and best of luck to yours as well!! Yes, the agony of waiting can be unbearable. :) I finally put a note on the mailbox asking him to please ring the doorbell as he was leaving so she didn't have to check it so many times haha! I hope we both hear soon, and again, good luck!!!!

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Hi notathome,

Thanks so much for your reply... I've been hoping someone else would find out and post! My DD got an acceptance phone call in early November (followed shortly thereafter by a letter) and is absolutely ecstatic! (The mailman is happy to have one less stalker haha). I think I saw on another thread ("falling...") that your DD was accepted too? If so, a HUGE congratulations to her!! DD's friends who also auditioned in September still haven't heard anything, so I'm glad to know the letters are coming now. If our dd's both end up going there, maybe they can get acquainted beforehand. I'll keep an eye on this thread! And again, congrats to your daughter. Any others out there? :)

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Hi RaisingTheBarre: And a heartfelt congrats to your daughter too. I'll keep an eye on this thread (and others) too. I assume there will be more posts on here soon.

All the best.

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To those that auditioned in Sept., could you please give me some idea of how long the audition class was? It appears that both the Sept. 08 and Jan. 09 auditions have identical start times of noon. Basically, I'm trying to figure out if catching a 5:15pm flight out of Tucson after the 1/17 audition is even feasible? Thanks so much!

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That flight time doesn't sound like a good idea. Even if they've managed to compress the length of the audition since my daughter did it in the Fall of '04 (one of the longest auditions I can remember), you'd certainly have to miss out on the group Q&A with the faculty that is held afterwards. And why would you want to do that after the effort and expense of getting out there?


I remember the whole thing (including Q&A) lasting until long past dinner time and thinking that the dancers must be starved.

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I agree with Pierrette. My daughter did the September audition ~ there were about 100 dancers. It began at noon with a ballet class, then modern, then jazz (ballet being the longest). There were no cuts made, everyone stayed until the end. Parents were to come back at 3:00 (or thereabouts) for a Q&A, which lasted until about 4:00. The whole audition process was extremely professional, very thorough, and the Q&A was fabulous so bring all your questions. You would be cutting it way too close to try to make a 5:15 flight! Enjoy some of the amazing restaurants Tucson has to offer and fly back the next morning. :pinch: Best of luck Cordelia!!


P.S. Note to Pierrette: We have truly enjoyed all your posts about U of A and have learned so much from you / your daughter's experience there. Thank you so much for all your wonderful insight! Would love to hear what your DD's doing now, how she felt U of A prepared her for what she's doing, as well as where some of her classmates went, who's dancing professionally, etc. Hope all is well!

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RaisingTheBarre and Pierrette: Thank you both SO much for the info! This was exactly what I needed to know. We definitely do not want to miss the Q and A at the end. We're flying in on Friday and I was just hoping to save on the second hotel night if the audition was going to be over by 3pm or so. We're traveling to several college auditions and the cost is starting to mount! Looking forward to checking out Tucson and U of A. Found a flight on Sunday morning for the same cost as the Sat. 5:15 flight! Thank you again for the info!

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DD auditioned yesterday at U of A. Thank you to those that suggested we stay overnight! It was a very good experience. There were 110 dancers auditioning and we were told that including yesterday's audition, they'd looked at over 400 students. For 35 spots! We were definitely impressed with the entire dance dept. The young man and woman that led the parent's tour were delightful! The facilities really are state of the art and it is obviously a wonderful program.


Anyone else there yesterday from BT4D?

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