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I was there! I really enjoyed the class, though I wish I had had more time to figure out the modern and jazz combinations before performing them, or had the opportunity to try it again, but obviously that's not possible with so many people and so little time. :) I watched a couple classes the day before, and it's amazing that they manage to do so much with so many dancers! I estimated that the classes had at least 60 dancers in them. I don't know how they do it.


The weather was very pleasant, but given that it's winter, I can't imagine what early fall/late spring must feel like. (Note: Oregon's worst days of summer are similar to Arizona's winter. I think I'll go into horrible shock and actually miss all the clouds and cold rain if I end up going to UA.) :) It would be very exciting to go though; I think my jaw dropped when they mentioned some of the companies that their dancers have joined after graduating.

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My daughter will be attending University of Arizona as a BFA - Dance major (plus another major or minor) in the fall. She is ecstatic and loves the program, faculty, facility, campus, sunshine, etc.!! Has anyone else committed to U of A Dance for fall '09? She would love to find others! :yes:

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Congratulations to you and your dtr, Loves2watch. My dtr is a freshman and this has been a perfect match for her. There is a great comraderie among all the dancers regardless of year of graduation. My dtr has enjoyed the small program within a large university. My husband and I also have enjoyed visiting...coming from the northeast the Feb visit was especially nice when it was unseasonably warm. Good luck to you!

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Anyone with information on where this year's graduating class is going after leaving UofA, please share. If this placement is within a company, please also share at what level: corp, trainee, teaching, switch to contemporary,etc.

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Very limited info from the school of dance newsletter (only 10 of 28 graduating responded)--One grad has "been invited to join bay area company The Foundry, to work on a two year long project with four other dancers called "Theater-Irrelevant." , another grad has accepted "second company position with Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago. In addition, I have been commissioned to choreograph another ballet for Ballet Nouveau Colorado that will premiere in September as part of their show 'POP'.", another is changing course and pursuing a career in film directing. The others are auditioning, some teaching at studios/dance camps while auditioning.

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Congratulations to you lhc on your choreographic commission! That is wonderful news. Please keep us posted on that, if there are links where we can see snippets of your work on youtube or the like, and please keep us posted on the rest of the graduating class as you find out their placement.

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Correction to Mom of 3--I was quoting from the newsletter and I guess Ihad a keyboarding glitch! (thought I had read through my post) I'm just a mom, NO dancing/choreographing talent AT ALL!

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:thumbsup: Oh now that's funny! Well congrats to that student. :wink: I sure did read that "I have been commissioned to mean you". I didn't look at your profile.
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Do I have any chance of getting into University of Arizona if I send in a video since I can't go to the audition? Is this common?

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It's not common at all. I don't think any selective dance program will consider video auditions in lieu of in-person ones except for international students. If you can't make the other dates for this year, you should contact the department to arrange for a personal audition, which involves participating in regular classes so that the teachers can evaluate you.


Have you even visited the school to look over the department?

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DD was at the Saturday audition before flying to OU for their Monday audition...whew!


She said there were 71 in the audition class and that you only had one chance to do each combination: Jazz, Modern and Ballet.


Now....we wait.

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U of A does take video auditions. And a girl I know was accepted via DVD last year and asked to visit for a "scholarship class".


HTH. :thumbsup:

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U of A takes video auditions because they pretty much require them for scholarship considerations - a practice I have not heard of elsewhere. This means that they are reviewing them, anyway, so one more is not an imposition. However, just because this girl you know is truly exceptional (since she is literally an exception to the rule), who here believes that such a practice is considered common and should be recommended as giving an applicant an equal chance compared to auditioning in person?

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This is a school I have had my eye on for some time, as I know it offers an excellent dance program. :yes:


However, I do have a big concern. My daughter can get lost in a big school and I am a bit concerned about that aspect. I know the dance program itself is small, but there are general ed requirements and when I phoned and asked, I was told that those classes can be from 25 to 500 (FIVE HUNDRED) students. For example, it is not unusual for an English class to have 300 or 400 students.


I would love to hear more about this. For those of you have recently attended (he said class size has increased recently), are the non-dance classes large? Is that an issue? As great as the dance program is, this might rule is out for DD.


If you would rather not post publicly, or it might violate the rules, I can accept IMs. :)

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