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Although the fine arts department suggests Manzanita it actually is quite far from the dance department---the opposite end of campus which can be a long hike in the hot sun or after evening rehearsals. When my dtr was a freshman she chose to live in La Paz which she found much more convenient.

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My DD just finished her first week as a freshman dance major at U of A. She is really enjoying the program, the people and the school. The upperclassmen have been very supportive and always willing to help with any questions/issues. The staff has also been great – from her advisor to the work study coordinator.


There are 140 dancers – 40 to 50 men. Auditions for most of the repertoire for this season occurred last week (yes, the first week). But, I think DD is glad to have that out of the way.


I was a little (ok, more than a little) nervous about her being so far away from home. But, she seems to be adjusting beautifully and I think she’s really enjoying her college experience.


For any considering this program - I highly recommend it.

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The Arizona Jazz Dance Showcase dates this year are October 5-7th and their guest teachers are Mandy Moore and Dee Caspary.. They have a performance showcase, workshop classes by notable teachers and UA staff, scholarship auditions for various programs and auditions for the UA program. Ages are 13 and up so it is easy to do earlier in high school for college planning. More info at: http://www.cfa.arizo...zshowcase/about

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The easiest is the Tucson Marriott University Park. It is only 1/2 block off campus. They do have promotional rates for the Arizona Jazz Dance Showcase participants if you call and mention the event. They also give AAA and other discounts.



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We have also stayed at the Best Western that is around a mile away. Nice enough rooms but more of a motel feel. I think they were remodeled a couple years ago.

http://www.bwroyalsun.com/ Also AAA rates among others.

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We love the Country Inn & Suites - City Center. I've stayed there 3 times in the last year -- it's less than 10 minutes from campus. It's only a few years old and includes breakfast. Rates are very reasonable. The staff is very friendly and there's bottled water and cookies at the front desk 24/7.

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Be sure to factor in that it's really, really hard to find parking on or near campus during the day. When we were going to visit and check out the school, we stayed at the Four Points by Sheraton (which is being renovated right now, with plans to reopen in 2013), since it's kitty-corner to campus. Once my daughter was a student, I stayed at the Randolph Park Hotel (3.5 miles out and more affordable) because my daughter was a resident of the Skyview apartments and I could park in her space.

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I was going to suggest the Four Points Sheraton since it is walking distance, but it was really run down and terrible so I didn't say anything. I'm happy to hear that it is being renovated. It definitely is a convenient location and not too far a walk. Assuming it is shiny and new, it would be a good place to stay.

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Lodge on the Desert is lovely, quiet and convenient. It has very comfy beds.


Parking on campus that weekend is available in the parking garage on the east side of the football stadium, which is visible from the drop-off in front of the dance complex. The garage is an easy walk of about a city block, (Walk out on the east side and walk north on the winding sidewalk.) The Jazz Showcase is purposely planned on a date that does not have a football game.



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As regards, auditioning by DVD, this from their website: http://dance.arizona.edu/students/future_students/admissions/undergraduate/

However, whether the admissions is permitted by DVD is unclear. However, to be considered for scholarship money, there seems to be an audition on campus and then a submitted DVD.


As regards double majoring, check out the undergraduate dance program brochure at page 15: http://dance.arizona.edu//students/future_students/programs/

Whether you could do something as time consuming as a dance major and an engineering major is something you'll have to discuss with U of A admissions folks. Good reason to visit and audition.


You'd be surprised at what can be found on a University's website about their programs! :wink: It can take some getting used to looking for the information, but you will get better at it. It isn't always in the same place, but nose around and you'll usually find a link to the information.

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