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My son was an engineering major at the U of A and I have a student that is a dance major now....there is NO way you can do a double major in dance and engineering and graduate in 4 or even 5 years! His freshman schedule was a cohort and he did not have choices of times for all his required classes.

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Has anyone received any news on the fall auditions yet? My DD auditioned during the Jazz Showcase and had a fantastic time! She absolutely loved the program and the campus. We have sent in the follow up DVD and now we wait...

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Can anyone comment on the admissions process at Arizona, and whether there was a long delay in the processing of materials?


My non-DD applied at the end of October, but her incompetent guidance counselor (who may have me arrested soon) says she just snail-mailed her transcript three weeks ago. In the meantime, we have been monitoring her application status online daily, and it still says "Transcript Required". I emailed the school today thinking three weeks was just too long for comfort, and they have no record of my daughter's transcript. The person has graciously offered to accept unofficial copies by email until official ones can be received.


Before I absolutely go balistic on the guidance counselor (again, I might add), can anyone tell me if you have had any issues with admissions? I'm trying to give the guidance counselor every benefit of the doubt as she told me in writing that she had taken care of it, but it is very difficult.


The whole reason my daughter applied in October was for monetary reasons and hopes of an early acceptance. I can't imagine she will now receive the same consideration she would have had her application been complete in the fall. :angry:

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lovemydancers - I have no words of wisdom, but am very sorry to hear of this predicament!


I guess we are lucky up here in Canada - grades are accessed electronically.


My only suggestion for you (not immediate help, I'm afraid) would be to contact the school principal and make sure that he/she is aware of your dd's situation and that you have tried to address the transcript directly with the Guidance staff without success.


All the best,



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I'm guessing even third world countries handle transcripts electronically, for Heaven's sake. This is a large city school district! And unfortunately, I have had to involve the principal and other guidance staff before. This person simply is not competent.


Since we have had two run-ins with this guidance counselor in the past, my daughter has begged me not to make a scene. She still has to deal with her for a few more months. I guess that is why I'm wondering if anyone has had challenges on the Arizona side of things, before I make a stink.

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I am confused about what you need from the UA counselor. The high school registrar should be able to tell you exactly when the transcripts were sent. You can leave the high school counselor out of the process. The only thing you need from the UA is verification that they were received and posted to your student's application account. Anyone in the UA Admissions office should be able to access your account to verify whether the transcripts were received.

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It is not unusual for high school transcripts to be sent, but not received by the college. There are students (or others) who work in the college admissions offices that do some (all?) of the filing. Transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc., often have to be re-sent because they disappear into a black hole never to be seen again---probably misfiled in some other applicant's file folder. I don't think there was a single application between my two daughters that didn't need something resent once or twice---and even items that were sent electronically. I'm sure it was sometimes an issue on the college end and other times an issue on the high school end.


I volunteered in the high school guidance office for several years and did a lot of filing. Despite best efforts---or perhaps others were alphabet-challenged--but it was not unusual to find things in folders that had been misplaced. I don't know how many times I had to recite the alphabet as I was trying to put papers in order---and still would get things out of order.


Rather than go ballistic on the high school guidance counsellor (that 's just a good way to get things loaded on the 'slow boat' or moved to the bottom of the stack), just have your daughter check with her frequently and ask politely to have the transcripts re-sent---repeat as necessary. Have your daughter contact the college admissions office and let them know that she is trying her best to get the official copies sent and ask if there is a particular person she could have her high school guidance counsellor direct the transcripts to. At this age, the college prefers to deal with the student (not the tuition-paying parent) and same with the guidance counsellor.


College application time in a high school guidance office ---and college admissions office--is absolutely crazy!!

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Our 17 yo DD is a high school junior who is very interested in the U of A dance program. Does anyone know if they still offer the opportunity for pre-auditions in the junior year? I searched the website but could not find this information. Thank you

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Thanks, dancemaven. I'm actually a little glad to hear how common it is for things to need to be resent. She applied to nine schools and this is the only one with an issue like this, so I guess we made out alright. In any event, polite but frequent pressure is the method my daughter has employed with this guidance counselor for four years now, with only limited success.


We emailed unofficial copies of my daughter's transcript and first semester report card on Friday evening, so with the time difference it still arrived during the business day. Over the weekend my daughter received an email that her application is now complete, so who knows if they just accepted the copies or if her transcript actually turned up. I still have not received a response from her guidance counselor, so I don't know if she intervened or not.

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They have a fall Jazz showcase that is open to dancers age 15 and up. It is used as an audition for seniors and would probably be what you call a pre-audition. It is run more like a workshop than an audition but a great chance to see the facility and campus. Within the workshop, there is an optional scholarship audition that has some great awards. There are also fall and spring auditions for the university program but you need to have your UA Scholastic application submitted before you can attend these.


2012 info


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Can anyone comment on the lag time between a completed application and notice of acceptance/rejection at this time of the year? We hoped that since my daughter applied in October, and the only thing missing was her official transcript, her materials would have been preliminarily reviewed and she would receive a quick turnaround when the transcript finally arrived. Also, can anyone tell me if scholarship/financial aid information arrives with acceptance, or if it comes under separate cover?


The housing application and deposit are due in eight days, but my daughter can't apply for housing until she is accepted and we can't even THINK about it until we know about the financial situation.... :dizzy:

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I could very easily be wrong, but . . . as college admissions offices have so many applications to review, it is my understanding that the application file does not get forwarded to the reviewing admissions person until the file is marked 'complete' with all the information inside.


Probably time to call the Admissions Office and ask what the status of her file is and what can be done to jump start its review process (if it hasn't been started.) If her college file is STILL missing the official transcripts, my next move would be to go directly to the high school principal and request that he/she get this matter taken care of immediately.

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That's what I wondered about, dancemaven. One of her other schools was in the same boat a couple months ago (had all application materials SHE could control, and was texting us feverishly for her guidance counselor to send transcripts ASAP) and that one resulted in an immediate answer with substantial scholarship as soon as the transcript arrived. I'm hoping Arizona has looked at her application materials at some point over the past 4 months, but my fear is exactly what you are suggesting - that it didn't move until it was complete.


The transcript is confirmed there as of 10 days ago. The issue is how long it will take to get an answer (and monetary info) and whether she will receive it before the housing deadline of March 1st. Ugh.

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@lovemydancers, I feel for you. You are coming up against a lot of deadlines and time is short. If I remember correctly, the deadline to submit the FAFSA to UofA for financial aid consideration is March 1. If you haven't already done so, go ahead and submit that -- I don't believe college admission is required to submit the FAFSA.


The UofA academic scholarship did come with the college admission letter. However, the dance scholarship from UofA came later (I wanna say, maybe April).


As for housing at UofA -- It can be difficult to get. So, I second dancemaven's suggestion to get in touch with the admissions office and let them know your situation. I also recommend as soon as your dancer receives acceptance, if UofA is one of her top choices, you should submit the housing app and deposit, even if it means you don't have the entire scholarship/financial aid picture. If my memory serves me, my DD didn't receive all of her scholarship and university grant details until maybe May or even June.


Best of luck!!

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