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Summer Intensive Auditions...

Guest DerfDude04

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Guest DerfDude04



I was just wondering what Summer Intensive's every guy here was going to be auditioning for.


I'm auditioning for...







-School of NCDT (Already accepted)


I had others, but nothing else is definite at this point in time... well, thanks to whomever responds!

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Violette Verdy always talks about how much she enjoys Chautauqua and Thom Clower has always been nuts about Burklyn so those are it for me this summer...


derfdude you must be older to be auditioning for some of these places do you normally dance in the city? i met a few guys this summer that dance in the city, umm one at NY ballet theatre another from SAB and one from Studio Maeistro.


merde on the auditions!

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Guest DerfDude04

Define older? Haha, I live in Upstate New York, though I occasionally take class at Steps if I'm in the City.


However, I do have some friends at SAB, and know some kids from Studio Maestro, Ballet Academy East, and ABT's School.

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When yer from Upstate, yuh learns t'grow older fast, er yuh don't grow at all! :pinch:

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Guest DerfDude04

Hahaha, niiice talk Mel Johnson, its a shame that most of school is like that. I, with a few select people, are above the rest of that...and I wouldn't consider myself older...as of yet.


I don't really get how auditioning for those programs would make me older...most of the summer intensives start when someone is 12.

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Guest CTdance

Ah, the stressful time that comes at the begining of the new year. Auditions for summer intensives... I wish I could just have one audition for every summer program. There's always some auditions I can't make it to or something like that.


By the way... don't assume Derfdude must be older to audition for some of those places, they have cut off ages.... I just found out that because I'm turning 19 in May I will be ineligable for some summer intensives. Particularly the one I attended this past summer. :angry: They say their cut off is 18 but they make exceptions for advanced students... well I don't think I fall under their category for advances student.


So as of now my tentative list of summer intensive auditions is:


Miami City Ballet School

Boston Ballet School

American Ballet Theatre

Stiefel and Stars

Orlando Ballet School

Ballet Austin

Washington Ballet


Good Luck DerfDude04, hope the dance is still going good for you even after the story I heard about Rock.

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  • 2 months later...

I've auditioned for

Joffrey Midwest

Joffrey New York


San Fran Ballet

i got into all but joffrey midwest. weird huh?


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