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I think I deserve some champange!

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Despite my ungodly looking *orange* cast, pointe shoes I am not certain about (I need the tapered shoe but I cannot stand how they look on my feet), and an increasingly sore back (I see now how accident victims have delayed injuries) ...


I mangaged several nice single pirouettes and maybe one or two acceptable doubles en pointe last night in class. Despite the ever increasing number of "advanced" students in our beginner 2 class, I felt pretty good about it.


And now I look forward my next class, as I get my cast off tomorrow. I am sure the instructor looks forward to it as well. Now if only I could get my back in working order again, cambre derrierre is quite the feat these days!

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Marvellous! Congratulations on both your ongoing recovery and

your great attitude (pun intended) in class! Of course, you're making it

harder for folks like me, who go to increasingly farflung lengths to

rationalize why I missed a turn, or forgot a combination. ("The window

was open -- or closed" -- is a recent fav...) Way to go!


Now, as to champagne (one of the happiest topics of all) let me suggest

my budget-priced "giant killer" non-vintage Brut: Scharffenberger / Pacific Echo.

From the scenic, under-appreciated Anderson Valley of Northern California.

The big stores usually have it for about $15, and it easily surpasses many

wines at twice the price. Originally made by Scharffenberger, who does

excellent chocolates, too, btw :)



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I am happy to report I've been given a removable brace which will promptly be removed as I arrive at my class this evening. I am eccstatic at the thought of pirouette-ing with a free arm once again. Though I won't be able to grasp the barre - I suppose this is a good thing. And my surgeon says "no pinching" so I guess that is out ;) I suppose I'll have to deal with a limp wrist this time around.

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Congratulations Elise! That's wonderful. I'm still trying to imagine how you did a pirouette with a brace and stayed balanced anyways :P

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