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ADC in Richmond Summer 2005?

Gyro Spyro

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Does anyone know if there’s going to be an Adult Dance Camp in Richmond this summer. I’e read about it. From what I’ve read it seems to be quite an experience to attend one. I might even consider to take the leap over the Atlantic to attend If there will be a camp this summer.


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I inquired by email a few weeks ago and got a response that ADC will indeed be held again this summer. Heidi (the director) also indicated that the web site would be updated soon, but I checked just yesterday and it has not been. Still, there is some useful information there about the camp in years past. I especially enjoyed watching the posted video clips.


While it does indeed seem like a wonderful experience, and I am considerably closer than you, Gyro Spyro, I am having a great deal of difficulty getting up the nerve to try such a thing. Has anyone else struggled with whether they were good enough, thin enough, poised enough, well-trained enough, blah, blah, blah, to attend? I think it would be amazing to go, and I even have the flexibility in scheduling to allow it, but these anxieties keep creeping up on me.

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We had another attendee from Sweden a few years back. Anders posts on this forum occassionally. I know his work and school schedule has been tough the year or two. He loved it and wanted to come back. Hopefully you two will cross paths here on-line.


If the dollar stays low against the Euro, it will certainly be affordable!

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OK thanks for your response. I’ll keep checking the ADC website. And start the planning by keeping up the dancing to be well prepared the camp. And yes the Dollar/Euro rate these days certainly is good for us Europeans visiting the US!


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Gyro, I notice you are from Sweden, so you might also be interested to know that there is a week-long summer ballet camp for adults in Finland. It has usually been in the end of July/beginning of August, but the information for this year is not out yet. I will post it as soon as I have it (won't be for a couple of months still, if it goes like last years). Many years the teacher giving the majority of the ballet classes has been an English-speaking lady, too, so you should have no problems with the language, either.

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Do not worry about whether you are thin enough, good enough, etc......most of us attending are not professional, preprofessional or anything near that... and we come in all shapes , sizes and ages. There are no auditions, just a placement class to see which level you should take( and even that is negotialble). As long as you have had at least 2 years (like Heidi suggests) or maybe even 1 year with a couple of classes a week, of ballet and know the terminology, etc. you will have no problems. And we are a very friendly group and really support one another!!!!!!

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I might even consider to take the leap over the Atlantic to attend If there will be a camp this summer.



Lars, Be sure to check the current U.S. visa and passport requirements and jump through those hoops early. When Anders wanted to attend ADC a 2nd time, he had some sort of a hangup due to last-minute visa problems.

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A previous post mentioned that there is an adult ballet camp in Finland, but that this year's information is not yet posted. Is information about last year's program posted on the Web anywhere? What's the name of the program? I'd like to get a little info about it.

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I have too many questions and don't expect all the answers. Just trying to get a sense of whether or not it'd be worth the expense for me. The "experience" aspect of it is intriguing to me, but the training is even more important for me. I'm trying to weigh out some options. If anyone wants to give me some insight, I'd be forever grateful. ha ha.



It seems like such a fun experience, but a bit pricy. I like the idea of having repetory classes and pointe every day though. You need to arrange semi-private sessions here in NYC if you're not a kid who's at SAB or something... and they can get very expensive too. And difficult to organize.


Is the rep. class variations, or do you just work on stuff for the end of session show? Is the choreography original, or do dancers actually perform classical variations? This is something I'd really like to do...it's really a big missing hole in my training. Even a week's worth of this work would be invaluable. Partnering too. Haven't gotten any experience with that since I was in college!


My technique is about that of an entry-level professional (a 17 year old), but I'm 29! My shoulders still hold a bit of tension, but I think they'll be mostly fixed by this summer. Are there many advanced students who attend? I don't really care, many of my classes and friends are quite mixed in ability, but I like to have at least a few people at an advanced level for incentive. Maybe even to watch and learn from. Any "old pros" who go to this thing? Retired dancers are sometimes the best ones to watch.


I notice the teachers have different backgrounds. One seems more Balanchine, and one was cechetti. Is there an over-riding style of instruction there, or is it pretty diverse.


Would this camp be a good option for someone who wants some experience with partnering and more structured pointe technique classes? I'm not sure if the cost would be worth it, since I can dance here in NYC for much cheaper. But I am desperate for pas de deux experience (and a full day of dance without having to run back and forth betweeen the studio and work all day) It would be nice to focus on nothing but ballet all day. The big studios are tempting. No poles to dodge!


I love meeting and talking to new friends too. Ballet seems to attract very smart, interesting people. I love hearing about why different people get into it, and what they're getting out of it. And how the heck we all manage to juggle it with our "real" lives and career.

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Thanks, onyx, for your encouraging words. They fit with everything else I have read or heard about ADC. Alas, then, I read lampwick's impressive qualifications and felt intimidated again....


I know technique and terminology very well, but translating this from my brain to actual execution through my body? Now, there's the problem....

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I’ve also had these anxieties to and fro, that I‘m good enough, thin enough, well-trained enough etc. before entering new classes, but for me most of the time it seems to happen to happen that the urge to dance always wins over the fear of not being “good enough”. So let the urge to dance win and skip the anxiety.


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:) Avalon,


I don't know of anyone starting up something new like this "not" feeling a little anxious about the whole thing. I've been to Richmond two years now and the first time I felt the same way. I really was a beginner and I really did need to lose some weight, etc. But as soon as I got there and made friends and started to dance all of those thoughts just melted away. The classes are divided up into different levels so you are with people who are the same as you. You don't have the added pressure of comparing yourself with someone way above you, they are in a different class. The fun thing... being able to move up to the next level the next year or two that you go B) .


So, don't be too hard on yourself. If you are in reasonable shape and can take your regular ballet class okay you'll probably be just fine. Plus, there is no dress code so you can pretty much wear whatever you want as long as it doesn't get in your way and there is no chance of being arrested for indecent exposure, ha :thumbsup: !


I'll be looking for you this summer! The last session, maybe.



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FYI: Dates for 2005 sessions are June 8-16, August 6-13 and Aug. 21-27. (The first two sessions have a day off during the week .) Heidi said the brochures should be done in February.

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Thanks so much, Spinbug! You've been very encouraging, especially on a night that I had a terrible performance in class.


I forwarded the link for ADC to my regular teacher and she was very impressed! She said she honestly had never seen such an opportunity for adults and even knew some of the teachers whose biographies were posted. She studied the information very carefully to determine if it would be a good fit for me and she, too, was very positive.


Am I being "too hard on myself" as you suggest? And you are so right about the "making friends" part. I keep thinking that if I can talk one of my classmates into attending with me, it won't be so scary.


I am perfectly happy to be a beginning level student at ADC and I really welcome working on the basics -- repeatedly. Because I am an athlete in another sport, my body often does not cooperate fully with ballet training. So, it comes down to trying to manage my anxieties...

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