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Victoria Leigh

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Okay, I know we have discussed a couple of programs for intensive work for adult students in the summer, and I did a search through all the topics and could not find it. I remember one of them was in Virginia. There was another one somewhere. If anyone remembers where these programs are, would you please remind me? There is a topic on the YD 16-22 board asking about summer intensives for dancers who are 18 and older but not at the pre-professional level. If anyone knows of any, please help us out here! Thank you smile.gif

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Guest The Bard's Ballerina

Hello, Victoria. I've heard of two summer programs that take adults at various levels. One is Richmond Ballet (Ballet Richmond?) and the other is somewhere in Michigan. Hope this helps. smile.gif

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Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp offer's an adult dance week during the summer: (http://www.bluelake.org/adult.htm) and it is located in Michigan. I don't know what the adult training is like but my son attended the Summer Intensive a few summers ago and loved it. They have a beautiful new ballet studio and the camp itself is located in the woods.

A woman in my ballet class attended a summer program offered by Jillana last year. She enjoyed it, although found the schedule to be quite demanding.

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Thanks for the information Bard and ajg. Glad to hear that there are a couple of places who hold some intensive work for adult students! If anyone knows of any others, please do pass along the information.

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For information on the Adult Dance Intensives held at the Richmond Ballet contact Heidi Pankoff via e-mail- heidiplie@aol.com


This is an excellent intensive program for adults at all levels. The program has been expanded for 2002- 2 seperate weeks for ballet and 1 week modern dance intensive has been added.

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Well I've sent off my e-mail to Heidi!

so how many of us on here would love to go..hands up??

(my hand waving enthusiatically) it all depends on when it is exactly, although I can work around that, how much it is and if any of you guys will be going? it would be fun would it not if a group of us from this board got together to go. At least I would kind of know some people! Yeah I know I'm old enough to do things on my own, but still.... moral support and all that.


Anyway, I'll wait and see what information I get biggrin.gif

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AnnT, thank you so much for that info! Good news on more summer classes for adults smile.gif


Xena, I hope you will be able to gather a group for this, as it would indeed be a lot of fun to meet some of the people you have been talking to here!

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Does anyone know if you would have to audition for this summer school?


Also, and I maybe wrong in this, I think '2leftfeet' one of the members of this board actually went to the intensive last year, that is according to a write up , someone called 2left feet did on the criticaldance board.

It would be interesting to hear some more about it...... it sounds wonderful.


[ November 20, 2001: Message edited by: Xena ]

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No audition required for the program at Richmond.


Dates are Ballet: June 16-22 and August 4-10

Modern: June 6-14


Yes, 2 Left Feet did an excellent write-up about this program on criticaldance.com if you'd like to check it out.

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Yes, I are one and the same, 2 Left Feet. Sometimes known as Ed.


Richmond was an amazing experience. I've seen your posts for some time Xena. Would love to meet you if you go next year.


2 aka Ed

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Hi Ed, yeah I remember now!


So I have a few questions....if you don't mind answering. I could wait for the brochure but I'mitching to know...


1. how much does it cost

2. Whats the maximum amount of people they have?

3. did you fly over to Richmond?

4. Did it really help you improve lots?


If i went I would be wanting to dance from morning until evening..although perhaps my body would say otherwise, but it would be lovely.....




Jeanette x

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Personally, the Intensive experience was so good, I'd fly from anywhere to do it again.


Yes, you can fly into Richmond. You will likely have to make connecting flights to get there, but several airlines service the city. Southwest looked like it was expanding their end of the terminal when I was there. I flew UNited with a connection through Chicago.


I remember it costing between $500 and $600.00 for the week. Can't remember exact numbers. That included lunch and drinks throghout the day. The hotel was right next door. It was about $79.00 a night but they can fix you up to share rooms with people if you want. Personally, I'd do the private room thing. After 8 1/2 hours of classes, having your own place to crash is a good deal.


As for hours of classes, you do what you can. They had a room set aside so people could rest between classes, watch videos, etc. By day three people were not shy about taking an hour here or there to rest up. Myself, the arenaline was running so high that week I used it only once. Then again, I did fall asleep in one lecture so maybe I should have used it a bit more.


Improvement? You bet! I was doing things by the end of the week I thought it would take me years to master. Some of it I've lost as I can't take 8 hours of classes a day, but you do learn so much. Not just about technique, they also have lectures on heath and body care for the "mature" dancer.


They had a limited number of spaces last year and both sessions for ballet will have enrollment caps this year as well (or so I've heard). I could not begin to guess how many people they'll allow in at each session, but the number we had this year was comfortable at 47 people.


I know at least 8 people from Southern CA who are keenly interested in going next year.

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