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Victoria Leigh

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Ed, could you give a bit of information about the different levels the intensive was split into? And what kind of style was taught - did the different teachers have different approaches?


I'd love to go so i'll email Heidi, but it would be good to hear some more from you as you obviously gained a lot from the experience!


Not sure how my mother would feel about me going to the States to do ballet for a week...(I know I can do what I like, but you know what I mean!)

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Guest beckster

To save Ed's hands from wearing out (he'll be no use as a partner at the intensive without them), Lolly, go to the criticaldance website and then to the "features" section. There is a daily diary of the whole week at the intensive written by the man himself, which will tell you all about the classes and the atmosphere. And it is very nicely written, too smile.gif


[ November 23, 2001: Message edited by: beckster ]

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I think it would be great to see our UK friends at the intensive. I'd love to finally meet some of the people we've been talking with these past few months.


And don't worry about experience levels. I only had 8 months of classes for experience when I went. I had no problem keeping up and did not feel at all like I held things up when I asked questions.


Thanks for posting the links to the article on Criticaldance. But I really don't mind posting my experiences again if need be. biggrin.gif

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You guys from over seas can probably fly into Washington/Dulles direct. It's only a two hour drive to Richmond from there.

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United Airline, Heathrow to Dulles direct... $794.00 US. Why, that's only $525.00 UK.! What a deal!!!



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Now you've got me thinking... wink.gif Just checked out the Times travel section, there are loads of offers on flights to Washington for around £170-£190! (It can cost more than £100 to get the train to London and I only live an hour away.) There's no excuse for me now! Isn't the world a small place?

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I'll keep working on you. We'll get you there one way or another. You, too, Beckster!


If nothing else, having the goal of getting there was in itself a great thing. I'm goal driven and get lost easily without a clear idea of where I'm going or why. Having the goal of getting in shape and learning everything I could by the time I went to Richmond this year really kept me going. It was like training for ballet instead of a marathon.


I know a few people who wanted to go last year but couldn't at the last minute. Still, the idea of going kept them working hard to improve. It's not like we adults have tons of performance opportunities handed to us to keep us motivated. I believe having something tangible in mind like Richmond kept me more focused and motivated over time.



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Guest beckster

Well, I WAS saving up to buy a computer, but who cares about writing up the stupid old PhD thesis! The money would be much better spent on ballet. The scary thing is, I think I'm actually being serious here ...

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Well now, if you fly into one of the three DC area airports on your way to Richmond, that just might be possible tongue.gif

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Or if your connecting flight comes into one of the New York City area airports, that's also a doable! smile.gif

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Guest Danzure

Hello everyone. Like most of you I have been seaching the internet day and night trying to find summer intensives for us not so young people. I ran into the westside ballet in Santa Monica that says they take 11-adult students. I was wondering if anyone has taken their summer program or heard of it. They don't have much information about it on thier website. Thanks.


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Wow Ms Leigh and Mjr Johnson, that would be so cool! I'm sold! Time for me to start researching travel options properly I think... it will give me something to think about over this long cold winter! wink.gif

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