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Victoria Leigh

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Guest beckster

I have heard of the Westside ballet intensive but I don't know what the deal is with adults. They do seem to have a very good adult program generally. Another thing to consider is that the head of the school is an NYCB person from the early years and I don't know if that means that the training would be Balanchine or not.

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Westside did their first adult intensive last August. It was actually developed by a woman who caould not afford to go to Richmond (lol). They did a sort of "pilot" program to see what worked. They had an okay response, especially considering they really didn't do much to advertise it.


I've been asked by the woman who put it together to help her with suggestions for next year. They haven't started planning as yet, but they will be doing something late next summer.


Richmond does have some advantages over Westside. First of all it's a top rate facility. Westside is very nice, but Richmond is brand-spanking new. Also, Richmond has hotels right next door which makes it very convenient.


I'm sure as they get closer to next spring Westside will begin advertising their program for their intensive.


Westside teaches a mix of styles for adults. The kids I really don't know about, but the adults generally are a mix of styles.

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Hi Ed


Just got back from Yosemite..Brrr cold..still thawing out!

Just some more quick questions..but I don't want to tire you out!

What classes do they offer? i.e. pas de deux? pointe? character? floor barre?


Jeanette biggrin.gif

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All of the above and more. Classes ranged from character dance to modern choreography. You could even choose between a pilates stretch class or partnering. In other words, they had a really broad spectrum of classes available. If you couldn't find something you liked at this intensive, you must have gone to the wrong city because you name it, they covered it -- even Flamenco. [i was really getting into the character class and wished I could have done more, but darnnit if they didn't schedule partnering opposite the class the rest of the week. Liked character; loved partnering. Partnering won]


Mornings focused on technique beginning with a technique class (divided by level I, II & III), pointe work, mens classes, things like that. Afternoons concentrated on specialty things like partnering, character, modern, etc. Late afternoons were when we had the health lectures.


We did have one floor bar. It wasn't quite Gromete (sp?) but it was fun nonetheless.

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Hey everyone! Flying to the states is fine and dandy, I'm beginning to toy with the idea of flying to Richmond myself! But before I decide, does anybody know of any good summer intensives for adults in EUROPE?


Moreover - and more pressing - how about an adult ballet CHRISTMAS intensive?


Anders (grieving my last ballet class of my first ever term of ballet, but hey, spring term starts in *just* five weeks redface.gif )

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Guest babygurlesq



The Jilliana school also does an intensive. I've been corresponding with her over email as well. It's in New Mexico. I am torn between hers and Richamond's though. 2 left feet gives such rave reviews....

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Guest Danzure

Hi again. It's only winter and i can't wait for summer. I was wondering does the Jilliana school have a website. Do you know how long the intensive is and how much it costs. Thanks so much. If I come up with any info on my own i'll let you guys know.

Aurelie smile.gif

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I tried the link to the Jillanna school. It wouldn't work. Was my machine just screwed up or is there a problem with the link? I also searched for info on the school in google and couldn't find anything.



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Guest Danzure

For those of you that might be interested in the Jillana School you can e-mail Jillana at JillanaSch@aol.com. She is really nice and helpful.

Keep up the good work,

Aurelie biggrin.gif

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Guest beckster

Apparently there is an adult summer school (week-long) in Swindon, in the UK. I remeber someone mentioning it last year. and there is a number you can call to get a brochure which I can't find at the moment but will look for later. Now, I will grant you that Swindon is not the most delightful location for a summer holiday, but this too might be worth looking into, for us UK people (sorry Jeanette, what a shame you moved out to lovely sunny California when you could be spending your summer in Swindon) smile.gif

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