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Due to several requests, please find below some information regarding dance training in the UK. I am London based and therefore will just talk about the schools that I know well and that offer degree courses. There are, of course, other schools in the UK such as Royal Ballet School (which does, however, not offer a degree).


Central Ballet School (CBS): Students from the age of 16 enter a 3year BA course in Dance Performance, the emphasis is on ballet though student will have additional training in other dance forms. There are 3 terms per year, each 14-15 weeks long and students have training 6 days a week. CBS is part of the Conservatory of Dance and Drama (CDD). During the 3rd year, students go on a national tour. Their program is validated by the University of Kent



London Studio Centre (LSC): Students enter from the age of 16 a 3year BA course in Theatre Dance. The first two years students are trained in ballet, jazz, contemporary and musical theatre and specialise in the 3rd year in one of these areas. Students go on tour in year 3 with their "pathway company". Some students enter directly year 3. Program is validated by the University of the Arts London


In terms of contemporary dance, there are Laban and London Contemporary Dance School (LCDS), also know as "The Place". Both schools offer "transition" programs which shall facilitate the transition from dance student to professional dancer. Students graduate with a Postgraduate Diploma and have the possibility to upgrade to Master of Arts level if they submit a dissertation. The Place also offers the possibility to apply for an apprenticeship with Robert Alston Dance company and another company (I dont remember the name :blushing: ). However, most students tend towards the transition company instead of the apprenticeship.


LCDS is also part of the Conservatory mentionned above.


I hope that clarified it a little bit :dry:

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