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Guest kristinene

Hi Everyone!


At this point in my life I'm spending M-Th on Cape Cod, where I have a fantastic teacher that I love. The other half of the week I'm in Salem, MA, where I have a man I love :unsure: . So, now I just have to find a fantastic school near Salem and I'm set! Does anyone know of one? I think I'm going to try Marblehead School of Ballet tomorrow morning for one of their lower level classes, I'll report back on how it goes! But any suggestions are welcome! I'd prefer not to have to go into Boston, I know of a number of good studios there but it takes an hour in and an hour out and I'm a grad student :blink: - time is precious.




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Hi there!


I grew up in Marblehead! I was a member of the North Shore Civic Ballet Co. in Marblehead associated with M'head school of ballet. Paula is a very good teacher. Very thorough. However, classes are small. As a child/teen I found them slow, but I liked things fast, and Paula was a very thoughful, thorough teacher.


Jimmy Raye is in Salem and I hear his classes are very good. You should check them out. I am not sure exactly where his studio is, sorry. However, I have heard that his classes are a lot of fun.


I needed something to 'round out' my aerobic level, and I found Dancenergy class at Energy Works, a fitness center in Marblehead. The class was developed by Joyce Colahan, a former modern dancer, and it has many, many dance elements in it. The choreography is enjoyable, and with a dance background it is fun to do the steps correctly (many non dancers in the class do not execute the steps completely correct, so sometimes it is a little hard to figure out exactly what the step is). I enjoy the classes there so much that I still take them when I visit my parents on the Cape. I take a few days to go to M'head to visit with friends and take class.


There are good classes on the North Shore, just not the abundance you would find in Boston.


Please feel free to PM me if you would like more information.



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Guest kristinene

Thanks b1!


I loved the class in Marblehead - especially the emphasis on dancing rather than just executing the steps! Paula was a fantastic teacher and I look forward to continuing to take Saturday classes there. I may check out the other classes you mentioned too - once I'm up in the North Shore area more often - at this point I don't have the time.


You mentioned visiting your parents on the cape - if you are ever looking for a studio to take classes I know of a great one in Falmouth!

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I am up there every summer in W Yarmouth. I think I asked you about studios on the Cape last year. Please, PM with the information if you don't want to post it. I would love to know the name of the studio.


I am very glad that you enjoyed Paula's class. As I said, she is a very thorough and thoughtful teacher.


To check out the other class I mentioned (and schedule) here is a link




There is a master jazz class going to be taugh there by Jeannette Neil.





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