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Schools in Moscow?

Guest Aliebling

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Guest Aliebling

I'm planning on attending a 3 week language course in Moscow later this year (improving my Russian), but need to find a school where I can take classes while there. does anyone have any recommendations for good schools in Moscow which would be amienable to a drop in student (probably 5-7 classes/week) for a few weeks?


I'm male, 32 dance semi-professionally (for Americans, probably the level of a good civic ballet company) and speak Russian on a basic conversational level.


Obviously, I won't be looking for long term serious training as I am only there for 3 weeks or so, but need to keep my training up in any case. Also, the opportunity to train in Russia (even if only for a short time) is too good to pass up!


A central location would be ideal, but since Moscow is so huge I'm prepared to travel.


Any help appreciated!






P.s. I also travel annually to St. Petersburg, so recommendations of schools there would be welcome as well.

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Hi Aaron


Wow what a wonderful opportunity you have. I can't help you directly, but I did find..eventually, this website, http://www.typmoscow.com/productsearch/index.html. Type ballet into the search box and then Go, you should get a list which may help you or not.

Good luck and keep us informed on your experience, I'd love to hear what a Russian ballet studio is like.



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Guest Aliebling

Thanks, a very handy site!


The only school I found which looked interesting was:


Moscow State Academy of Choreography - Professional ballet dancers training


I have no idea if they'll take drop in students, but I'll give them a call and see.


I'll definitely post about how it goes when I get back.



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I have searched the web looking for the name and contact number of the private school of M. Lavrovsky. The information I have is ten years old and not up to date. Does anyone know, does he still have his school? I will search around also for schools in St. Petersburg. I am sure they exist, but the teachers I know are not big on advertising. :angry:

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Guest Aliebling

Thanks! that's why I asked here.


Most of the best serious schools are going to be known by dancers, not through advertising.


I certainly appreciate your help!



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Guest sfdancer

Hi there,


Was anyone able to find more ballet schools in Moscow with open classes for adults? I'm also searching for a school to attend when I visit Moscow later this year.


Thanks in advance!

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