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What if I don't make it?


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Perhaps this is a stupid question, but it's something I have been thinking a lot about lately. (Sorry if I'm in the wrong forum, if so, please move to the appropriate)


Well, I'm 19 now, and this spring will be my second time auditioning for dance schools. Perhaps I should make clear that I'm aiming for modern/contemporary dance, even though I love ballet, I know I'm not ballerina material.


Last year, I auditioned for three schools, and in one I got very far. We were 35 after the final audition day, and they only took 20. Unfortunately, I didn't make it, but I talked to the headmaster later, and he said that it was so close that I got in, all of the dancers had been very good so it had been hard to choose. So that was very nice to hear, like a confirmation that I was not too bad after all.


So, now it's time again. And I'm thinking, what if I don't get in anywhere this time either? Should I try again next year? How do you know when to stop trying? It's very possible that I can't be a professional, but how do I know?


And if I don't make it, and decide to do something else, I'm scared that others will look down on me, and think "Oh, there's that girl that didn't make it as a dancer, she must really suck." Will I have failed? Will I be a failure?


I'm sorry if this is stupid, bit I guess I needed to vent a little. Thank you,



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Christina, if it doesn't work out, remember:


Razors pain you,

Rivers are damp.

Acids stain you,

And drugs cause cramp.

Guns aren't lawful,

Nooses give,

Gas smells awful;

You might as well live.


-- Dorothy Parker



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Niphredil, first and foremost, you must be proud of who you are and recognize your accomplishments, with or without a career in dance. The study of dance helps to form the wonderful person that is YOU!


As you experienced last year, being in the right place at the right time really does have merit. Also the numbers factor is extremely important. Dance schools and companies only have so many openings and so much money. Have you discussed your concerns with your current dance teacher and your parents? It is quite difficult to advise you without seeing you. Also the cultural differences are important. It sounds to me like Sweden has a different approach to the course of study than in the US.

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I have discussed it a lot with my parents, and they told me that they support me whatever I want to do, as long as I'm happy. They don't care if I become a dancer or not, and that makes me feel better.


But it's just that I have always identified myself as a dancer, and people remember me as that girl who dances. I would feel so empty and lost without dancing. Yes, of course I could still take class and such, but it would not be the same. I want this so badly, but perhaps I can't have it.


vrsfanatic, it's very possible that there's a difference between the countries. I'm not sure exactly what difference you mean, though. :wacko: My teachers do think that I have a chance on getting in, but of course it's never certain.


Well, at least I'm going to try my very best, and see what happens. That's all one can do, right?


Thank you for your replies! And mr. Johnson, you're perfectly right. That did cheer me up :angry:

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