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two questions


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My arch isn't all that great and I was looking througha dance catalogue the other day and saw something called the pro-arch, but its too expensive. They also have an arch enhancer but it just looks like a regular brace. I was wondering if this actually worked. If not, is there anything else I could try? Also, do you know of any ankle strentgthening (ahhhhh cant spell!) exercises?Thanks a lot! :angry:

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For one thing, I'm not all that crazy about the Pro-Arch, although I was initially enthusiastic. Then I saw that it really didn't give the foot anyplace to go while it was under compression. Dangerous. Now those "arch enhancers" (hold on to your hat) are actually FALSIES for the feet! They do nothing for the arch itself, just make it look a bit bigger!


Your best bet for ankle exercises are thera-bands or resistance bands used in physical therapy. You can point your foot against them, or use them for a combination arch-and-quad stretch by looping the band over the top of the metatarsal and just stand on one leg as you pull the loose ends of the band up while standing in a neutral retiré. There are lots of things you can do with them. They can be found at your local surgical supply house.

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Thanks! That Pro-Arch thing did look a bit dangerous and the arch enhancer just looked like a gimmick(the before and after pictures weren't all that different :)) I will try the therabands, though, thanks! :thumbsup:

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Wait... are the Gaynor Minden "Dancer's Dozen" bands the same as therabands (they call them exercise bands) and does the exercise book have arch exercises? Do you know?

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