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Grades in ballet


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I am 16, and I started doing ballet and modern one year ago. I am currently on grade four modern and grade five ballet (Im quite small for my age so I fit in quite nicely). I am not quite sure what these grades are- and i wondered if someone could explain how they work in ballet (how many there are-an age guide for each level etc) thankyou

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Hi, Star, and welcome to the Young Dancers' forums here at Ballet Talk for Dancers. :devil:


Grades, whether they be numbered or named, (Beginner, Intermediate, etc.) are most usually relative to their own schools unless they're part of a larger organization like the Cecchetti Council of America, RAD, or other blanket group. Usually, if they're numbered, they are in ascending order. Four is more sophisticated than three, and so on. However, there is no law that says a school can't run numbers in descending order, where three would be more advanced than four. Age really doesn't enter into it. It's all a matter of technical proficiency.

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