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Technicalities of Audition Videos

Guest Rachel

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Guest Rachel

Most of my auditions for Summer 2005 and the 2005-2006 School year will be via video tape. Of course I want to have the most professional tape possible.


I have read that wearing a leotard that is a contrasting color of the background, for example a black leotard with a white background, makes a dancer look heavier and that a pastel leotard is a more slimming alternative. At the same time, contrasting colors enhance visibility. What color leotard, assuming a white background, would be the best compromise.


Secondly, I am deliberating between camera angles for an en croix exercise at the barre. For example, I will be doing developpe en croix and grand battement en croix. To show off my extension I would like to show devant, a la second, and arabesque from the side, front, and side, respectively. Of course if the camera were to pan, some unflattering transitions might be the result. If I were to position the camera between front and side, the extension a la seconde would benefit but such an angle for devant might make the thighs look bulky. Would a camera position between side and back be too unconventional? I'm thinking that it would show the height of the devant and a good arabesque, but not a good angle for a la seconde. Should I just stop the tape between directions?




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Be aware that the people watching the video auditions are aware of these devices, too, and will be thinking, "Hmmm, pale pink leotard against white. What is she trying to hide?"


The absolute stone worst place to show a dancer from if you want to hide technical flaws is straight side. If you have nothing to hide, do it that way. Viewers will probably be impressed with the candor. Diagonally front usually shows enough detail to be a useful vantage point for most purposes.

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Rachel, I would suggest a leotard that contrasts with the walls. It doesn't have to be black, but it should not be a very light color if the walls are white.


As for camera angle, why not shoot some exercises from the front and some from the side? For instance, do the développés from the front, and the grand battement from the side. That way your extension is shown from both directions. You could do the same with other barre exercises.

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