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Books: The Dancers Body Book

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I like this book. I liked all of the pictures in it, and I liked the part about exercise programs. I also liked all of the input from Ms. Kent's interviews with professional dancers. I would talk with a nutritionist before following her dietary guidelines because some of them seemed extreme to my untrained eye. It's an interesting book to read even if you aren't looking for diet advice because of all the info from prof. dancers.

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Read that book long long ago (10 years or so) and just took it out and thumbed through it again to refresh my memories of it. I remember now that was the first I had ever heard of Pilates exercises. I also remember finding it interesting at the time (I was just beginning), though now it seems much like a reflection of the time in which it was written, given the quotes from the many dancers she quotes. Still, it’s nice to know how people were thinking in the early 80s.


I don’t think there is anything to agree or disagree with about the book as a whole. Sure people give their opinions about different matters, but one would expect anyone to disagree with some of the opinions given. Same would be true if written today.

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It's a little dated, and a couple of the people in there talking about bodies are now bodies themselves (dead).

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I really want that book!! I saw it at half price books for $4, but I didn't have any money and I still don't.

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Guest sarabesque

I like the recipes in it- not for a diet, per se, but the fruity milkshake is nice and light and its just fruit and milk.

The book was nice becuase of the professional dancer's comments especially.

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It's an interesting book to read even if you aren't looking for diet advice because of all the info from prof. dancers.


So true :)


I would probably see a nutritionist before following the diet but I love reading everything about the dancers!!! :thumbsup:


little_dancer123 x

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