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The previous post regarding Adult Dance Camp in Richmond this summer prompted me to discuss it with my new hubby- and he wants me to go! Woohoo! So, though the dates aren't online, they were in Pointe Magazine- Any thoughts/suggestions regarding which session to take? June, Aug. 1 or Aug. #2? I've read the FAQ post- but am curious if Ballet Alert members tend to gravitate to one of the camps.


:) A very excited Marisa in LA.

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Off subject, but...


You asked when the class taught by Mario Nugaro, Maggie Black's former student, would begin in Los Angeles. Well...


He starts teaching this Thursday at 10:00 AM at the Dance Arts Academy on La Brea just south of Wilshire Boulevard in Mid-Wilshire. Class could be a little more than usual because he'll have a pianist and the studio rates have gone up. Not sure how much it will be, but some of us have offered to pay more so he guarantees he can cover the cost of piano and studio rental. Class likely won't be crowded. I'll be surpirsed if more than 10 people show up.


I'm not sure I can be there this week. I was doing grand allegro today when my ankle kind of went out on me. No swelling but it hurt like *% for a while. I'll take a few days off and rest. Hopefully I'll be able to at least take barre.


Hope to see you there one of these days.

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Thanks so much for the info. Unfortunately, I do the 9 to 5 thing. But, if he ever teaches on the weekend, I'll definitely try to be there.


Thanks again! Hope to meet you this year at Richmond :P

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:) I've gone for two summers so far and they have both been the last session.

We tend to have the same dancers for the same session each year. It's nice to get to see the same people you got to know the year before.


Hope to see you there!


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