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TOO tall for ballet??

Guest bumerina

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Guest bumerina

Hi, I am a 20 year old beginner who fell in love with ballet this past year. I've taken a few beginner classes and really enjoyed them. However, I feel that I am too tall.

I am 5'11'', slender, and pretty flexible. I tower over people in my class and also have trouble buying tights and leotards that fit my tall body! Does anyone know if there is a height that's TOO tall for ballet? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! Bumerina :confused:

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Hi bumerina, welcome to Ballet Alert Online, and the Adult Ballet Students' forum!


There is a ballerina in PNB (Pacific Northwest Ballet) who is 5'11", at least, and she is gorgeous! There is no height limit for studying ballet, but of course in terms of becoming a professional there are some limitations. Very few companies have male dancers tall enough to handle 5'11" ballerinas when they are on point! There are also some difficulties in terms of placement and coordination that a lot of very long, tall, flexibile people have to deal with when they begin studying. It's just a lot harder to control all that length! However, once one does that, it can be very beautiful :)

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Guest beckster

Bumerina, I really wouldn't worry about it, since you have only just begun ballet and probably have very little intention of going pro at this stage. While body shape does have an impact on certain dance techniques (such as pointework, where being excessively overweight is a no-no) as long as you enjoy it, who cares! I have the opposite problem, being only 5 foot tall and consequently having the entire class towering over me. I can't imagine ever being in a performance because I'm sure I would just look out of place! But in the end, I want to get better at ballet because I love it. I may be rubbish and I sometimes feel really short and dumpy, but I still keep trying. Thats what adult ballet is all about.


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