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i get really nervous about auditions right after i walk in there, and sometimes it makes me mess up! if i feel i did poorly in an audition, i get really worked up about it afterwards and it tires my mom. what can i do?

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Tinydancer, an audition is just a class! It's a chance to take a class with a different teacher, and hopefully be accepted to the program. But getting nervous about it, and then stressing your Mom out afterwards, is really not a terrific idea. If you love to dance, just dance. Do your best and realize that the whole thing is totally subjective, and it depends on what that particular auditioner is looking for at that moment in time. All you can do is your best, show that you love to dance, listen to the corrections and apply them right away with a positive attitude, and your chances will be vastly increased! I know that sounds easy, and it's not, but you do have to take the responsibility of learning how to audition, as you will do it all your life if you are planning on doing this for a career. It's not the end of the world if you don't do well on a particular day, and it's not AT ALL fair to take it out on your Mom! If you are allowing yourself to do that, and recognize it, then you also have the choice not to do that.


As for not being nervous, go into the class with a feeling of excitment about a new class, and a chance for something good, and enjoy it. The more you enjoy it, the more they will enjoy you! :)

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Guest sarabesque

Yeah, tinydancer, it happened to me two. I did two auditions two weeks ago and completely screwed them up. It is so discouraging not to be able to show what you have---especially this year since I'm trying to audition for studio compnies, trainee programs etc.

Anyways I kinda asked my teachers the smae thing and tried to figure out how not to let it happen again. I guess this kind of thing happens to everyone and there's nothing you can do but go back home, work in class where your comfortable, and then try another audition.

Good luck!

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