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Blushing Ballerina

Guest maria_roche

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Guest maria_roche

I have suddenly developed an immense tendency to blush in class. Does anyone else have this problem?


I seem to have an acute "6th sense" (or periphery vision!) which means I am aware of people watching me, and then I start to go red: particularly if I am being watched by a teacher.


I have danced for a long time, and have been on stage (amateur productions) and never had this problem. I am horrified that I have suddenly become a blushing ballerina!


Help! My dancing is now more like the Dance of the Cherry Red Tomatoes than the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy!


Any suggestions?

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Oh dear, I had this problem for a while. This worked for me, but it sounds really silly. Okay, anytime you feel that tingle in your cheeks and know the blush is coming, think "Kirov", think "cold as ice". Pull up a little more, add a little more epaulment, and forget about being shy.


PS. Long time no see for everyone at this board. I'll probably explain later, but right now im just happy to be living in the 21st century again!




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And a welcome back, Soli! smile.gif


I've never had this particular problem, but understand what you're going through. It's somewhat linked to low-level anxiety, but unless it's so uncomfortable that it keeps you from actually working, you should be able to suppress it - soli's method could work just fine. If it gets worse, and you are unable to function, then it's time for a trip to the doc, and perhaps a referral to a mental health professional. smile.gif

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Guest beckster

I also have a problem with going red. My cheeks seem to overrreact to heat and stress. It is worst when I give seminars and talks, which of course I have to do as part of the PhD process. I hate it but there's not much I can do other than just accept it and get on with things. It used to happen a lot in ballet, but has calmed down a bit now. Sometimes it can be controlled by mind over matter, but sometimes not. My main worry is that, if it happens too much, I will end up looking like an old alcoholic man with loads of broken veins in a permanently red face!

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I had a period of blushing last spring. If I knew my techer was watching me I'd just suddenly get very nervous, go red and start fumbling even though I didn't do that when I first started ballet.


Happily the tendency has since mostly passed and resurfaces rarely - mostly when I'm not quite sure what comes next or how to do it. So I'd agree that anxiety probably has something to do with it. smile.gif


I still redden, but it is mostly from exertion and/or possibly holding my breath. I regularly forget to breathe during developpes and other sustained movements. smile.gif

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Guest maria_roche

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions: Glad I am not the only blushing ballerina! It was beginning to get a bit of a vicious circle (i.e. the more red I got , the more selfconscious I was, the more self conscious I was, the more red I got...), so I am glad to hear Paivi, that you have got over it!


Heat is also a factor: and the studios I dance in are always boiling. I will definitely try thinking "Kirov" and cold things (mmmmm, icecream... wink.gif )!


Also, I think I am guilty of "not breathing", so I will try to work on that: and perhaps a combination of thinking of the cold and concentrating on breathing will help.


And don't worry, Major Mel, I am definitely still functioning: red, but functioning! No shrinks required... at least, not for that!!! wink.gif


Will keep you posted! smile.gif

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OK, warm studio and shallow breathing will do it every time! Add a little stress and voilà, the flushing reaction sets in automatically. And beckster, I wouldn't worry about rosacea, if I were you; it's generally a hereditary condition. So remember, DEEP BREATHELY! wink.gif

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In my classes, people tend to go red when the teacher comes and corrects them and makes them work harder. When that happens the teacher sometimes says, in her wonderful Russian accent: "Now she blushes. That is good. The pale face shows you're not really working." tongue.gif

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