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Pirouettes from fifth

Guest balletchick7025

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Guest balletchick7025

First I have to admit that I'm not the world's best turner. On good days I do doubles on pointe from fourth. But my problem lately has been with pirouettes from fifth. I can releve and hold it for at least "two pirouettes worth" but I can't even seem to do clean consecutive singles. After the first one, I feel like i start to hop up on pointe, put my feet down at different times, and lose my center. My arms definitely are doing something wrong, but I can't figure out what's killing my momentum. When I try to do doubles, I feel like I'm going up, but I just don't have enough momentum to get around a second time. Basically, are there any tips that you can give me to help this frustrating problem that's really holding me back?



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Hello balletchick7025, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, and especially the Young Dancers' forum! :wink:


Consecutive pirouettes from 5th are the "warm up" for fouettés, so they are quite important in learning how to find your center, spot, and build the strength for consecutive pirouettes. With your center established, the rest of it is just learning to hold on to the relevé position and then finding the 5th very quickly and springing back up. A good 5th is crucial, however, even though it is very short and quick. The arms really don't do a lot, as the turns are singles. And, even for a double, the key is just to keep the momentum going and use just a bit of extra push or impetus from the back muscles. Keep the arms VERY simple. Just open to second and close to first by bringing the left side around to meet the right, if you are turning to the right. It's the coordination that is difficult. ;) Also be sure that you are USING that foot that goes to fifth to PUSH. That means, you must put it on the floor and push with it!

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I am not a great turner.. let me tell you! I have a pretty good balance but I can't seem to get turning down. Lately, i have been focusing on trying to move everything togther, making sure to spot, pulling up, and making sure i dont leave my arms behind. When leavign your arms behind you, it can really shift your weight and not allow you to get on your balance. OH and if you think too hard, when your acutally in a combination, it makes it so hard! breath and dance, adn save teh concentrating for when your practicing piroettes by themselves.

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