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My gym membership runs out in February and I'm wondering whether or not to continue with it. I only really go for Pilates once a week, yoga about twice a week and every couple of weeks I attend total body (an aerobic sort of class sometimes using the step, sometimes using handweights.) :wink:

However, I'm also sorting out how much I can spend on ballet this year (taking into account the actual classes, transport costs-I bus, pointes, extra costs of new leos, tights, demis etc) So its rather a challenge. :shrug:


I'm looking at either continuing my membership but being uncertain as to whether its actually worth it, or adding a flamenco class and a salsa class with my friends. I have about threeish weeks to decide (because school and ballet terms for the year start in February.) I'm really wondering if anyone could shed any light on the matter? Its not that big a deal but its my own hard earned money (from my parttime job) because I'm also saving for the school French trip to New Caledonia. Comparing the two extra dancing classes with the gym...theres a difference of $20 every 10 weeks (the saving is if I do the flamenco and salsa.)


And if I DO chose the dancing classes...does any do or has tried flamenco and/or salsa??? I'd be really interested in hearing about them, the lady at the office doesn't know anything about them and the teachers cannot be contacted before term starts.


Oops :blushing: this is a relatively long post...tsorry....

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Guest SunshineMC2004

Salsa is a lot of fun... it will definatly keep you moving.


As far as dropping your gym membership, thats for you to decide...


why do you go the the gym? Just to stay in shape or because you enjoy it?


Could you take the new dance classes for a while and if you don't enjoy them or are not getting what you hoped out of them, could you rejoin the gym?


Just some things to think about! Good luck either way.

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It all boils down to what you're taking dance classes for. Are you aiming at a stage career goal of one sort or another? - use the money for dance classes. Is the dance an avocation? - spend the money on the gym. Is this all a general physical exercise regimen? - save the money for New Caledonia!

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I did reply but it got lost in the transition to this becoming the board! :D


I will quit my membership as soon as I can. And now I have two MORE questions!!! I thought I might as well add them to this post.


Timetable/schedule options...I'm unsure which to take...I don't know if its a good question to ask in this forum but it somewhat ties into my other question about choreography. :wacko:


Ok on one hand I have this option:

Tuesday: 4;30-6 intermediate ballet (RAD)

Wednesday: 4:30-6 inter ballet

6:30-7:30 flamenco

Thursday: 6-7:30 inter ballet

Friday: 6:30-7:30 jazz (I'm not that keen on jazz but its free and if it helps my dancing thats good)

Saturday: 9-10 open ballet class

11:30-12 limbering

12-1 pointe.

This schedule is with a very successful school (and it costs a lot each term.) I would improve rapidly and I'd be the eldest in the class, and I'd have a 30-45 minute bus ride each way.


The other option is:

Tuesday: 5:30-6:30 adult beg ballet

Wednesday: 5:30-6:30 adult int ballet

6:30-7:30 flamenco

Thursday: 7-8:30 adult int ballet

Friday: 6-7:30 adult beg ballet

Saturday: 11:30-12:30 adult adv beg ballet

12:30-1:30 adult pointe and stretch

1:30-2:30 adult repetoire class.

this would be a 20-30 minute trip to the studio by bus.


You see, I'd really like to be a choreographer. I'm not sure how realistic this is because I haven't done too much dancing, and therefore don't really know physically possible positions... :yes:


I also live in New Zealand, despite being a lovely country, it is quite difficult in finding a tertiary instiution which offers choreography as a subject (it can be counted as one paper in many universities/techs) However, I could look over to Australia because I have right to work or study or something because I am a NZer. My parnets aren't too keen on the whole choreography either...no more than they are in letting me do ballet. They'd quite like me to have a lovely sensible, reliable job (like being a lawyer or librarian...) I am in my last year of high school.


Any ideas??? :shrug: Thank you though, if anyone takes the time to read this.


Sorry about the confusing mash this post is! :blushing:



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Given your goals, I'd give a slight edge to the first proposed schedule you give. And I mean a SLIGHT edge. There are more disciplines involved in it, and it will increase your movement vocabulary. I wish that I could advise you about education prospects, but I know bupkes (means "beans" in Yiddish) about the New Zealand educational system.

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In case you are still intrested in some first hand information, I actually took flamenco all throughout highschool and loved it soo much. It is a lot more than a dance though, and thats the most amazing thing about it, that Flamenco involves an entire culture (ANdalusian gypsies), so you can really get into it. It involves a lot of their pain and suffering as a persecuted minority, and Flamenco flourishes as an scape to this persecution, so the music (lyrics) are often very deep and meaningfull, they are called "cante jondo", and there are different types of song to different situations, for example Tangos are quick paced and danced at happy events and parties, as are Sevillanas, on the other hand Siguirillas are the dance of death (stronger, more misterious, and sad, think a passing away or such) and the Bulerias are a sort of I-dont-care, party all the way "jolgorio" sort of dance. The dance is very always strong and sensual (if you want you could rent a Sara Baras or Joaquin Cortes :sweating: video or DVD) and altough i dont know for sure, i think it probably would bring to your curriculum something similar to what a character class would, as far as technique goes (dont quote me on this, though).




...sorry, i kinda got carried away :blushing:

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