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FLU coinciding with auditions


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My DD came down with the flu last Friday...right at the beginning of SI audition season. :wink: After 4 days of high fever thankfully she is beginning to recover. I think it will be several days before she has the strength to do a ballet class much less do her very best at an audition. She is of course stressing out over missed schoolwork...but even more so over missed ballet classes! Here in the Northeast there's always something going around this time of year. Has anybody else been grounded? :shrug:

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Oh, That FLU! I thought for a moment from the title of the thread that there were conflicts with auditions and entrance examinations for Florida Lutheran University! (Not that there's any such place, but it did look like that!) Good wishes for getting well quick.

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Hope your dd is feeling better and ready for her auditions. We are also in the Northeast and Dh has the flu -- DD is frantic that she will catch it and be sidelined for her first audition season. I am spraying Lysol all over the house. Since audition season always seems to be during flu seaso, maybe next year I will have a backup video done just in case.

Hey, lets not forget about us - we have to stay healthy to get them to the audition.

Rest, chicken soup, Lysol. :wink:

Best of luck.


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thanks for the good thoughts. I may be investigating the video thread. We do have "a sure thing" program for back-up as the other programs were "stretches" even with perfect health. Anyway, I don't want her being the center of attention at the remaining auditions only because of a hacking, gurgling cough! :P

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Not the flu, but a stomach virus arrived at our house. My dd auditioned Friday night in town and then was to go to DC for three auditions Sat-Mon. A family situation changed our plans, so we ended up in town. My dd attended the Friday night audition and by Saturday night was...... very, very sick to her stomach. I'll spare you the details, but I have never seen anything like it. Had we gone to DC, we would have arrived in time to lock ourselves in the hotel til Monday, the first day I possibly could have put her in a car.


She is still not back to class; it took so much out of her, maybe tomorrow. Thankfully, she has no auditions until the weekend of the 22nd. She'll need the time to build up her strength.


Funny thing is, I'm pretty sure she picked this up at the Friday night audition. Stomach viruses usually have a short incubation time, and she homeschools and was not at ballet the two days before the audition. I guess this is all part of the season.


Hope everyone is able to stay/get healthy.

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