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Low Self Esteem...

Guest DanceBebe12991

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Guest DanceBebe12991

I need some advice on how to make myself feel better about my dancing skills. I recently left a Royal Academy of Dance ballet class that I have been taking for 10 years due to an issue with the teacher :rolleyes: . I was by far the best in the class (not to sound mean, but it's true :D ) I had even recieved distinction (the best) on my past 3 exams. Now, I've watched classes for my age at other schools , and everyone can do tons of easy stuff, like double priouttes on pointe, and I can't because in Royal Academy, they teach really slowly and the classes are easy.


I just feel like I'm so much worse than them, and i really want back the feeling that I'm on top of the world that I had in my old ballet class!!


Please help!

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With all that training, you will catch up quickly, but it will take a bit of patience, both from you and the teacher. If you want to dance, then you will have to bite the bullet and go for it. Take as many classes as possible, and really try to study the differences between what these classes are asking and what you were doing before. It is most likely a matter of not only moving faster, but picking up new combinations much quicker and more regularly. It will probably take about 6 to 9 months to catch up, so you will have to be patient, and work very hard! But, that's what dancers do, so, you can do it! :rolleyes:

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I think I am struggling with having low self-esteem as well. I am a perfectionist and everything I do I have always been critical of. I love to dance and to be a professional ballet dancer has been a dream of mine for quite some time, but with the pressure to do well at auditions and my constant unhappiness with the way I am dancing just keeps augmenting and is causing me to have breakdowns of tears during or after ballet class consistently due to my dissatisfaction with my performance. I know that there will always be good and bad days, but it just seems like it isn't even possible for me to have a good day anymore. Can anyone help me? :yes:

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I think Mr. Balanchine has the operative advice here: "Don't think, dear, just do!"


Let go and start dancing.

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