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Am I crazy?

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Guest not282dance
:shrug: Any expert/teacher out there... I've noticed a lot of threads for people in the 20s, but how about in their 40s, almost 50s? I am 48 years old and have LOVED ballet since I can remember. I was never able to dance growing up as a minister's kid...it wasn't allowed. I played the violin instead. I had a gastric bypass a year ago and have lost 180 pounds. I'm currently about 5'11 and about 145 pounds. I want to do ballet...in fact my daughter and I have been doing the NYC ballet DVDs for the past three years. I love them, and am able to do all of it with no difficulty. Would it be impossible for me to consider an adult ballet class at my age...just because I think it's beautiful and it makes me feel wonderful? I have very strong, thin legs and good balance. Is it crazy for me to dream that I might even think about a pointe class in my 50s? Any input would be great. I love reading all the info, and I've learned so much already.
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I'm not an expert, really, or a teacher, but I don't see any problem with starting at any age. As long as you are in good health, you should go for it. Starting later will present more challenges to building stamina, strength, and flexibility, but it is by no means impossible.


I started when I was 21 and I am still going strong at 40. Also, for several years, there was a woman at my studio that was dancing in her 60's.


Just be sure to find a good studio with a true adult beginner class. Most studios offer a free introductory lesson. Take advantage of this and try out several studios.


Good luck! :shrug:

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I really would go for it. You should make sure, that you can go to a complete adult-beginner-class.

In my group there is a woman who is over 50 (but she has been dancing since she was young) but she doesn't hear anything. Sometimes she has problems with her feet and ankle and then she just stops and has a break.

I don't think that you will have a problem with your body, as long as you listen to it and stop if you get problems.

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I am just a whippersnapper myself, but I know there are a lot of members who haunt the Adult Ballet Students board that are of all ages. Perhaps you might want to poke around in the old thread and archives and see for yourself.


But I'd also like to add my own words of encouragement and best wishes. Go for it! :shrug:

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I have many adult beginners in my open teen/adult class, so, no, I don't think you are too old. Find a good teacher who really likes to teach adults (as opposed to just tolerating them :shrug: ). As for pointework, take it one step at a time. There are too many factors involved for any of us to predict whether that can be a reality.

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Oh Yeah, you're totally crazy! Welcome to the club for the ballet-obsessed...

I started in my late 30's as part of a genuine bona-fide midlife crisis and have

never looked back. So, I'll add my "go for it!" to the others you'll no doubt receive.

Crazy sure, but wonderful...


I heard two questions, really, in your post. One, for the experts/teachers, which is

basically "is it possible?" from a physical, technical standpoint, and another

"Is it possible?" directed at all of us, and oriented toward the experience of being

an adult student. I can't speak to the former, but to the latter I think you'll find

here and (if you're lucky) in your classes a collection of interesting, motivated adults

who will answer with a resounding YES. And I know a few dancers in their 60s and

70s who still perform (one on pointe!) for a local company, so though I'm not an

expert I can say that it IS possible....


What I've learned over time is that we adult students don't fit a particular mold, either

physically or otherwise... some adults see class as great exercise and that's it, thank you.

Others (eg: the adult folks here) are much more serious. Some have danced in the

past, some seriously, others are newcomers. So, part of the challenge ahead for

you will be finding a place where you fit. I drive for over an hour each way to

class three times a week because I found such a fit with the teachers and students.

I love the classes and the small performances and the whole energy of it all. I hope

you find something similar, and above all have fun while staying crazy... :shrug:


Good luck!


PS: And don't believe Dido about being a young whippersnapper; as the Queen of

Carthage, I think she was born in the 8th century BC :)

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Oh, Yes! You absolutely can start. Who knows if you will ever make it to pointe, but I can tell you this: you certainly won't make it if you don't start!


I am nearly 48, and I started taking ballet class last year. I am heavier than you by a long shot (congratulations on the weight loss!). There's lots I can't do yet, but lots that I can. Let us know when you find a class to take.


Oh -- welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! And, since you love ballet, be sure to check out our sibling board, Ballet Talk. That's a space for talking about watching ballet (as opposed to doing ballet).

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Get thee to a studio, pronto!


But, be prepared. Doing a video for three years and having a professional guide you through the exercises properly can be very different experiences. You may find you've been using the wrong muscles for certain moves. But that okay. If you've been watching the tapes you at least know what its about and have a grasp of the basics. A good teacher will help you clean up an bad habits in no time.

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I'll add my two penn'orth. Please, start dancing!


I'm 46 and can manage just about anything (although I've been dancing on & off since I was 15). I'm not technically great (I have a professional ballet dancer sister who has a sharp eye and amazing feet!!!) but I enjoy it so much people don't notice my sometimes terrible feet.


You might also find (she says, cowering a little bit in the face of ballet purists :shrug: ) that doing a contemporary dance class (not jazz or street or stage dance) maybe based on a mode of training like Graham or release technique will help. I find the older I get the more I love the floor, and contemporary classes also help me keep my back supple.



Also, there is another website that's especially designed for "older dancers" called Blue Diamond Dance which you might find useful - as well as this board of course!!!!



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just because I think it's beautiful and it makes me feel wonderful


That's the very best reason I can think of!

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Just chiming in because I'm delighted to find another 48-year-old out there! I've danced on and off for about 25 years, so I'm not sure what it would be like to be a new rather than continuing dancer at 48. But you should try it -- what do you lose? You can always run screaming from the room if it's awful! :o:wacko:


Are you in Minneapolis? I went to a really good adult class there a couple years ago, at the Hennepin Center for the Arts.

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I see you are in Minnesota. If you are in the Twin Cities may I suggests Ballet Arts Minnesota. I am currently taking the Adult Beginning 2 class. I know they also offer Beginning 1 as well as an Intro class. The instructor for the two beginning classes is very capable when it comes to teaching adults and I know she has guided adult beginners into pointe as well.

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Welcome, and of course it is not too late to start! I have taken classes at four different studios in the past three years and in all of them, there have been students in their 40s and 50s (maybe even older, but I didn't ask!). I returned to ballet at 39 and just got my pointe shoes, so anyhting is possible! You have been given some wonderful advice here on this thread, so let me stress just one thing: It is critically important to find a teacher who likes and chooses to work with adult students. This makes a huge difference in both your comfort level and in yous progression, because such a teacher knows the particular challenges the adult learner faces. You also might like to read "Ballet Fit" regarding the adult dance movement at the Joffrey ballet. I found it highly inspirational and informative.

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  I had a gastric bypass a year ago and have lost 180 pounds.  I'm currently about 5'11 and about 145 pounds. 


Wow! You must look terrific! Certainly, if you've been doing the NYCB Workouts, which are NOT easy, you've got the physical stuff to handle adult ballet class! I'm 56, and there are dancers older than I who post regularly.

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I'm 49. This year, I started dancing for the first time since I was five. I hadn't done anything like the NYCB tapes, just some intermittent exercise at Curves. My dd's studio offered an Adult class at the same time as one of her classes, so I had to be there anyway. I'm taking it and I love it! I can't do half the stuff, and the parts I can do aren't very pretty, but I'll get there. (And I put in a post last year asking the very same question!)

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