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I was just wondering what people have heard about the dance program @ the Hartt School/ university of hartford. thanks!

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This post might be a little late, but I dance at The Hartt School under the community division [formerly Dance Connecticut and The Hartford Ballet]. I love the program there, and occasionally they have to take our classes. The abilities of the dancers in the program have a range from okay to amazing. They seem like a good group of students. The BFA students who want to become dance teachers get the opporotunity to teach our classes sometimes. The teachers are very nice as well. In our classes there is alot of individual attention, and the teachers give a good amount of corrections and try to help you in the best way possible.

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Thank you for the input. What with the changing fortunes over the last decade of Hartford Ballet and Dance Connecticut, it's hard for us to know what's going on there now. Thanks for the current reading! :innocent: And welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers.

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