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You know it is your dk's first audition when


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Since we are in the midst of the Audition Season we thought that this would be a good post to share how things change over the years... A lighthearted look at what we do as parents over the years!



You know it is your dks 1st audition season when.....


You know it is your dks 2nd audition season when....


You know when it is your dks 3rd audition season when.....


You know when it is your dks 4th-...... audition season when....

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You know it's your dk's first audition season when you show up at the audition, see all the kids :green: , and then panic and ask dk if they REALLY want to do this. :o


You know it's your dk's second audition season when they obviously want to do 'this' but you are still dragging your feet and are not ready with the pictures because you still can't quite understand what is going on here :shrug: .


You know it's your dk's third audition season when you have the pictures ( :wacko: ) ready for the first audition of the season but still feel unprepared. Luckily tho, dk is prepared with her own lists and printouts and is ready to attend all the auditions regardless.

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You know it is your DKs first audition season when YOU have so many butterflies during the audition, you feel a bit ill. :green:


You know it is your DKs 2nd audition season when you are smart enough to leave the audition site and look for a diversion during the audition. :wacko:


You know it is your DKs 3rd audition season when you can sit in the lobby of the audition and read a book without feeling like you are going to throw up. :o


You know it is your DKs 4th audition season when you can visit with other parents in the lobby and truly enjoy hearing about their dancers' audition experiences and SI stories. :green:


You know it is your DKs 5th audition season when you fall asleep while sitting on the floor against the wall of the lobby during the audition. :shrug:


You know it is your DKs 6th audition season when your dancer attends most of their auditions without you and you actually find yourself missing the whole experience! :crying:

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Guest lovinballet

You know it's your 1st audition season when you haven't a clue what the difference is between SAB, ABT, PNB, PBT and SFB (Who/What are all these people talking about anyway?)


You know it's your 2nd audition season when you know the difference and feel extremely intimitaded at letting your DK try out for them.


You know it's your 3rd audition season when your DK actually gets accepted into a few of them and you feel proud to be in their company.


You know it's your 4th audition season when you feel like an expert when it comes to explaining the differences to all these SI's to other newcomers.

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You know it is your dk's first audition season when you help them fill out the paperwork. You get to the audition site and realize you have no idea how tall they are or how much they weigh. You have to borrow a phone book to look up the address of your dk's ballet studio. You wonder if years dancing means real years dancing or when they started at age 3? You have to remind them to bring their dance bags. You still check them anyway to make sure they haven't forgotten anything. You pin the audition number on them.

You take them to an audition for" the Experience" having on idea what you have just done! Your friends and family think you are crazy for sending your young child halfway across the country to live alone for the summer. You are beginning to think this is normal.


You know it is your dk's 2nd audition season when The Pointe Magazine's SI edition is your childs favorite reading material. You start saving money for the next years SI as soon as the last one is over. You still check the dance bag but when they aren't home! You thought that life calmed down after Nutcracker was over... now you realize that the months of January and February are just as crazy. You spend your weekends sitting in different ballet studios. You realize that there is no way to stick to your diet this month because you are always in the car traveling to an audition. The postman begins to think that you are a stalker! You know how long it take a letter to get from New York to your home town.


You know it is your dks 3rd audition season when They have a definite idea of where they will audition. You assume that they have everything that they will need for an audition. When they tell you that they do you trust them and just figure that if they don't have it then it is their problem. They take their own audition photos and you see them when they are done. Dad the photographer is thrilled with this new development! You look forward to auditions as a time to meet your Ballet Alert friends again. You try to get your dd to do auditions that you know your friends will be at so you can go and see them.


This is fun! I will have to think of some other things to add!

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You know it's your 4th or later season when you have to find out from somebody else that s/he attended the audition.

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This really is our first audition season and I know it because I feel constantly lost, even though all the auditions we intend to attend are in our home city!

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You know you have lost count when your DK is living away, taking care of his/her own pictures,applications and auditions, and is going with friends by train into the BIG CITY for an audition as if it is just no big deal. :shrug:


I must admit, I am so glad I am no longer living vicariously through my daughter and her auditions. And not having to watch the mail. That is the best part. I am sure I will hear as matter-of-factly about the results as I have been the plans for the auditions. :ermm:


Trust me, it gets sooooo much easier. But I miss being able to run into Ballet Talk moms. Guess I will have to continue to do that by posting and PM's and emails. :)

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