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Champagne Moment!


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:grinning: Congratulations on passing your exam i bet you are chuffed. :)


I have just dropped you a pm. Go and get yourself a large glass of champagne you deserve it.


Skippy x

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You must be delighted :)

That is a real achievement, how long have you been singing?

I took singing lessons for two and a half years and loved it. I took it seriously then but now sing just for fun. I believe singing and dancing is good for the soul! :grinning:

Any intention of a career in singing or dance or both?


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Hi all! Thanks for your replies!


I've been singing since I was at Secondary School, but I've started with my private teacher about a year ago!

I started dance when I was small, but only freestyle, tap and modern but have been doing ballet for about 3 years.

I've applied for a couple of dance degree courses, and also a diploma in vocals, hopefully i'll get excepted to one of them!


I must say Singing and Dancing has given me so much more confidence than what I used to have!


xxx :wub: xxx

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Hi again Jenny,

just posted you on another topic!! :thumbsup:


It sounds like you are doing great, im really chuffed for you :blushing:


I totally agree with the confidence thing, when i took singing lessons it really helped me see life differently and become more aware of my identity. Although i was still very shy when i took dance when i was a kid and used to compare myself to the others - not that i was competitive, just insecure and worried that i would never be good enough.


Now though things are different, everyone is great at my class, my teacher is a real inspiration as are the other students. They will all take the time to help me out!! Most of them have been taking ballet for years, they are at level 6. I may not be the best but i aim to try my best and enjoy :)



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Hi Jenny

the other students take level six - cecchetti in March. As im still new, wont be taking the exam for some time yet :)

I thought i would have to take exams from the start but my teacher says she will let me know when im ready for level six!! I kept asking about exams (am very keen), not realising that i would be entered at that level, i just assumed i would start from scratch!

Are you studying RAD?


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Hi again!


Yeh I am studying mostly RAD, i'm actually doing a bit of a mix so I can get lots of Ballet classes.


I study ISTD Intermediate on a Monday (which I find a very odd grade), RAD Grade 6 on a Thursday, RAD Grade 7 on a Saturday and RAD Intermediate Foundation with my private teacher whenever I can get a lesson!


I also do tap and modern on a tuesday, but i'm thinking of quitting those and starting Adult Jazz and Adult Tap as they are on a better times and the tap class I am doing at the moment is WAY too hard!



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Wow :sweating:


How do you keep up?


Sounds like you do alot of work, are you working towards a career or to go pro?

i need more classes :(


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Haha, I wish I could go pro! Unfortunatly I am just not good enough!

I have the nicely arched feet, long legs and long neck, but a lack of turnout! So I find making things look nicely turned out a real struggle! I'm also too old to start a pro career now, I'm 20!


I am hoping to go and study dance at University, but we have to wait and see if I get in! I'll keep you posted! I've applied for most of the London Uni's.... so fingers crossed, i'll get a place!



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You know Jenny, i was so sad to find that i was too old already to have a chance within the ballet industry, im only 24 but in the ballet world that is old!!

Its such a shame, i have only just discovered ballet and have a real passion for it and am determined to work with what i have to the best of my ability, because i enjoy it. If only i was privalleged enough to have such a great teacher a few years ago :D


Going to uni though, that would give you a fighting chance wouldnt it? I mean 20 is still relatively young and there is still time for improvement - im sure you are just being modest about turnout though!! :clapping:


Also i havent pm back as we have been asked not to, for the meantime! But we can arrange something soon when things are back on track :bouncing:


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Sounds good to me!


Have you heard of Chelsea Ballet? They are an dance company mainly aimed at adults/non-professionals and they perform shows in local venues and for people at hospitals. I really want to join, but they are full at the moment, and also its in London, bit far to travel every thursday!


I wish there was more of this type of company around.


I think people don't take me seriously as i'm older, even though you pay for the lessons the same as everyone else, I think they give up because you could never be a pro! *makes me angry, grrr*

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Good morning,

I think there is a real market there for adult ballet students. Someone with experience and knowledge of the industry should definately set something up :)


I know alot of ''adult'' dance students who would love to take part in performances - including me :D


our school does a yearly performance although im not sure whether i will be able to take part this july as im still relatively new :P


I havent heard of chelsea ballet - sounds great.

Not sure when we can pm again, will keep look out though!!


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Hey again!


I've got a show coming up with my current dance school. Its 'Sleeping Beauty'. I had a photo shoot for it today... and I took some pictures when I got home!


I put them on my 'myspace.com' profile.


Jens Space


Check them out :wink:

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that is really cool jenny :yucky:

when and where is your show? If you are allowed to say here - or not?!

When my technique gets better i would love to have some photos taken for keepsake. The other students think that i should start pointe, im not sure would love to - have heard people say you should wait about three years, others say when your teacher tells you that you are ready.

Im going to wait untill my teacher suggests this though :yucky:


did you notice that on uk meet thread - people are meeting on the first of april for lunch and class and maybe a show. I said i would meet for lunch and class.



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