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Guest GeorgiaRose

I'm trying to return to ballet after six years, but I can't tell what kind of class would be appropriate. I studied almost fifteen years of Checcetti ballet, but stopped during college. I really liked the Checcetti style, but I haven't heard of any classes in NYC. Could someone point me toward a good class for someone who is woefully out of shape but has a decent ammount of background?


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New York Theatre Ballet


I think they teach Ceccheti style here, if that's what you're into. I've never been there myself, so can't give an opinion on the quality of instruction.


I was in the same situation (5 1/2 years off--returned to ballet in my 20s). I had studied for about 15 years before as well. Emilietta Ettlin's ballet and floor barre classes have helped me enormously. I learned how to do a lot more than I thought I was capable of and the floor barre has given me the strength and flexibility to actually be able to apply what I know. You build strength, flexibility, and learn basic placement in that class which can take YEARS to get otherwise. If I can't do something, I feel like I have the tools to understand why and be able to fix it, instead of just "hoping" that I'll improve with classes, and being sort of clueless why I'm falling out of pirouettes or whatever. Her ballet is listed as Advanced Beginner and Intermediate. The Sunday class is slightly slower than the weekday ones. They're challenging for advanced professionals, but she takes the time to explain things, so an intermediate dancer will be quite comfortable as well. classes are at STEPS.


There's a TON of great teachers in NYC. Take a bunch of classes and see who clicks with you. I've gotten something from just about everyone I take classes with.

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