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This is not exactly a STEPS question, but somewhat related....


My daughter (age 17, high school senior) is going on a school trip to NYC in a couple of weeks. The dancers will have an opportunity to take some classes - at this point the only place she knows that they are going is the Broadway Dance Centre. Does anyone out there have experience with this place?


I looked on their website today and there is comparatively little in the way of ballet, unfortunate because that's what she's really looking to take. I doubt that she would be allowed to split from the group to go elsewhere- as it's a school trip they'll want everyone accounted for at all times I imagine.


On the upside they are going to see Movin' Out - oh, to be in high school again!

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Not that many ballet classes? At my count, they offer over 80 ballet classes a week, though it is true that they offer relatively few classes on weekends. I wouldn’t be concerned if you only see classes up to Advanced Intermediate… levels in open classes in NYC are much more advanced than classes with the same label virtually anywhere else. BDC is also renowned for its jazz and theater dance… your daughter might want to take one of those for a change of pace. The place can be kind of a zoo, and the classes can get extremely crowded, but I’ve taken some really good classes there, and I know plenty of people who adore the place. Hope your daughter has a great time!

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Thanks Sulan,


That's very helpful information! Of course it is a weekend that she will be there, and she is looking for something quite challenging. From your description she will find it!

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How advanced is she? I go to BDC regularly and take different classes from different teachers but usually no higher than Advanced Beginner.


If your daughter is truly intermediate or advanced, here are the teachers and classes listed on weekends:


Saturday, 11:30-1 Intermediate, Mr. Hertzog

Saturday, 5:30-7 Intermediate, Ms. Stavro


If she wants to try Advanced Beginner, I DO NOT recommend Mr. Schabel's class on Sundays. I took a class with him once and while he seems very knowledgable, I got a bit of a weird vibe from him.


For a complete schedule, go to broadwaydancecenter.com


Hope this was some help!

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I've taken class with both Ms Stavro and Mr Shabel. I mostly stuck with the Beginner/Adv. Beginner classes, I did take a couple Intermediates from Ms Stavro and found them so challenging as to be undoable (for me).

I have a dance notebook with some entries about the Intermediate level classes at BDC if you want to PM me I can give you some examples of what the class was like without getting too detailed and personal on the board.

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Thanks so much everyone! Dido, I will do as you suggest. She does take Advanced level open classes here from time to time, and they are challenging but in a good sort of a way. This is what she's looking for in NYC I believe.

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The only problem is that most of the true advanced classes are not on weekdays.

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If your daughter has the opportunity, she should try the broadway class with Lainie Munro. She is a lot of fun. It's not ballet, but an unforgetable class.

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BDC is really known for Jazz and theatre dance. Those classes can be VERY advanced and really fantastic.


David Howard has ballet on Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00-7:30, and Monday Wednesday 4:30-6 at BDC. This could be an appropriate class for your daughter. He doesn't give any individual attention to anyone ( to a visiting professional perhaps, occasionally). But his class is very good, he's famous, and it'll be an experience for her. Petit allegro is crazy difficult in his class. Lots of fun.


I wasn't crazy about the majority of ballet classes here (I haven't been there for a while to tell you the truth). The floors are so sprung, it's like dancing on a trampoline. Can be fun to jump, but it would be horrible for long-term training in ballet. When I started classes at STEPS on a normal floor, I got shin splints because I was so used to the trampoline!


STEPS is really the place to go for serious ballet. I agree with the comment about Schabel. Hate to say it online, but he's got a reputation for being unnecessarily cruel (singles people out in a non-productive, mean way).

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A very big thank you to all who responded to my query!


Daughter left today for NYC - it's quite a long bus ride from here, so I know she'll be very glad indeed to finally reach her destination! Tomorrow they go to the Broadway dance centre in the morning - sightseeing and so forth in the afternoon. She has registered for an Int/Adv. ballet class and Adv. beginner pointe (the latter being really the only pointe option at the time she could take class). She will enjoy the highly sprung floors, I believe - she's had classes the odd time on similar floors and loves it. The following day they take dance class somewhere else - I don't remember the name. Sounds like the second place offers no ballet, and her teacher has signed her up for an Interm. Horton class.......... :yawn: daughter is NOT so confident that this was the right choice, but she will give it the ol'college try.


I know she will love her time in the city and really NOT want to get back on that bus for the long drive home!


Will update again on her return.


Thanks again,



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