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Pirouettes en dedans

Guest dancing<><piper

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Guest dancing<><piper

First of all, sorry if I am not spelling this correctly--please fix it for me!


When doing inward pirouettes in different classes, and watching ballet in general,

I noticed that some people bring the leg out and then up into position, whereas others just whip it up to rest against the turning leg....

My teachers do it opposite ways, and I was wondering if it matters or if there is a difference in how you bring you leg up? Does it depend on what you can do?

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OK, spelling all fixed, and there are two ways of doing pirouettes en dedans. One is with a dégagé to à la seconde and a fouetté movement and the other comes directly up to pirouette position. They are both correct in different schools. The former one is more related to Cecchetti, and the latter one more to the Russian schools.

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I always found it easier to do it with a clear degage and a crisp fouette movement than just going straight into the pirouette position. It helps you finding your center and getting the energy to turn smoothly much better in my eyes.

If you are not bound to a certain syllabus I would recommend doing it with the fouette.

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But let me add that you should be able to do both, just from a choreographic point of view.

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Though the one with the fouette might make it easier to do multiple turns, if you sink in your supporting hip it might throw you off more. Try both and see what works best for you.

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Actually, you really must do what is given by the teacher or the choreographer. There is a big difference to the look of the turn, therefore it should be given in class clearly one way or the other. At the advanced level you will need to do it both ways, so, it should be learned both ways! You never know what a choreographer will want, so, you need to be ready for all the possibilities! :D

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Of course you are right :D Just my personal preference when it comes to pirouettes en dedans - if I have the choice in class-:D.

If my choreographer or teacher wants us to do it the russian way I have to follow- no matter if I like it or not. No question. B)

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I personally prefer the type with the dégagé. If I do have a choice as to which one to use, that's what I pick because it keeps me from "winding up" before I turn, or throwing my opposite arm behind me to gain momentum. Mostly, my teachers let us choose, but they say that if you are going to do two or more turns, that they prefer the type with the dégagé.

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