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What are dance feet?


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This may be in the wrong place or answered elsewhere, so please redirect if necessary.

I have read and heard about not having the dancers' feet and I am wondering what this means.


My dd is African-American and has what look to me very flat feet, but she has never been told this is a problem. She spent several early years in her life running around barefoot 24/7 in Africa and her feet are tough as nails. She never gets blisters, much to the chagrin of her pointe peers and has no trouble finding dance/pointe shoes. Her teachers says her feet look beautiful in her pointe shoes and used her as a demonstration of a perfect fit.


The only thing I notice about her feet other than they seem to me to have no arch, is like the rest of her they are all limb, her toes begin to rival my fingers in length- well not really but they are very long.


So I am wondering what dancers' feet are and if it is anatmical or positioning?

Thanks for any help


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Usually, what people mean by "dance feet" are those with high arches and insteps, but a student who starts out with "flat" feet can develop a suppleness and flexibility that will offset the initial flatness. The problem is basically anatomical, but it can be overcome with work to develop the foot in class, using the feet properly, and making the very most of what you've got. And the one thing that "flat-footed" kids start out with is STRENGTH! The foot may not look as pretty as those with high arches, but by Jove, they are strong! And even when flexibility is trained in, that strength won't go away!


"Dance feet" by the way, is as much a misnomer as "piano hands". The piano hand is supposed to be long-fingered and graceful. Did you ever see a cast made of a pianist's hands? I'm thinking here of those of Ignace Jan Paderewski, who went from the concert stage to being the first President of the Republic of Poland. He certainly could play Chopin, but his hands looked like they had just come in off the farm. Stubby, clubby hands, with short fingers and big knuckles, they were "peasant hands", but that never stopped him!

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Isn't it also a good thing if a dancers first and second toes are long and in line with the big toe--but not extended past--in regards to dancing on pointe? It would make sense that someone with this type of foot would have more surface area and a more secure platform to balance on while dancing.

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