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I have only posted a few times so forgive me if I am in the wrong place-- my question is "How do I know if my DD (age 14 int. adv) is getting enough of what she needs instruction-wise at her dance studio?" and How do I know what instruction needs should be being filled? Can you out-grow your dance studio? Any adivse or input would be helpful and appreciated.

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It can be hard to know, but there are a few things that might help. First, are you seeing major progress each year? Is she getting enough classes for a serious student at age 14? How many technique and pointe classes does she have weekly? Does she audition for SI programs and get accepted? Has the school produced any dancers who been successful professionally? There are lots of other things, but lets' start with these. And yes, a student can outgrow a school, but only if the school is not equipped to take a student through the high school years and into the professional world.

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No, this is not the wrong place for this question. In fact, it's one of the things we formed this forum for.


But now, I have some followup questions:


1) How many classes per week is your dd taking?


2) How much of that is pointe?


3) Have you been to any other schools to get an outside evaluation of where dd is?


4) How does SHE feel about her progress/standing?

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DancinINDEL: We had those same questions at the end of the summer last year. We found that dd was not recieving the training she needed. Yes, she was accepted into some good SI programs, but was lacking in many areas.

She was 12 turning 13. After careful consideration and trips to several other studios, we decided if dd was going to pursue this avenue at this time, she needed to change studios and step up her training. It was the smartest move we could have made and it wouldn't have happened if we hadn't of had this board to turn to. The advice is top notch and the moderators are not only knowledgable, but actually care about your dancer.

Answer the questions and then listen to thier advice.

My advice to you would be to act on what they suggest! It could mean the difference between good training and throwing money out the window. :D Something not many of us can afford to do!

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You can absolutely outgrow a dance studio. Research your options, read, ask questions and make visits. And, don't ever let your current studio make you think that you are making a mistake by leaving. It's often hard to make changes, especially going out of our comfort zone, but if the studio owners pitch the 'hard sell' to you, it's probably time to go. Happy Journey. :D

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Thank you for your replys... in answer to Mr. Johnson and Miss Leigh's questions dd's dance schedule is as follows: M-Modern, Pilates, Ballet/Pointe; T-Theater; W-Company Class w/weight training, Ballet/Pointe, Rehearsal; Th-Jazz, Ballet/Pointe. The ballet pointe classes are 1 hr 45 min with pointe being 45 minutes. She was accepted into the studio's performing company this year as an apprentice.


We have not yet been to other studios for outside evaluation but are seriously considering it. DD is feeling frustrated she wants to be pushed, corrected and quided--


She has attended 2 SI's ('03 and '04) '04's auditions went much better than the previous year. She attended Susan Jaffe's program in Princeton. To date the studio has not produced anyone who has gone professional most of the kids finish dancing and go off to college in an other field.


As far as progress-- its there but its slow. It seems that the really really good kids get most of the attention maybe that's the nature of the beast.

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Thank you "Redstorm" and "AsleepATheWheel" for your replys... I will heed your advice and continue my research and not feel guilty for doing so. Bottom line is that dd is happy.

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Two more questions: What is company class w/weight training? And, are there no classes or rehearsals Fri., Sat., or Sun.? Four days is good, but five or six would be better.

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Guest balletandsynchro

DancinInDel, my Dd was also 14 when she herself expressed interest in changing schools and ended up at a Ballet Residency program, with very positive results all around. I realise that you are not inquiring about residency, and my point is this: If your daughter is not happy, or having doubts about the quality of her training, now is the time to make the switch. As she gets older it will only be harder to fix any technical problems that she might have. Ms. Leigh, Major Mel, and the other moderators are sooo knowledgeable - trust in their advice! :lol:

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Two more questions:  What is company class w/weight training? And, are there no classes or rehearsals Fri., Sat., or Sun.?  Four days is good, but five or six would be better.



Company class is when the "performing company" has their own class with just students who are in the "company" and weight training is just that-- weight training but it is part class time. We do have rehearsals on sat. and sun. There is class on Friday's but its for the younger kids

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So she actually has two technique classes on that day that she has company class? And she does rehearse weekends, so she is dancing 6 days a week? If so, this is all good :ermm:

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